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Gafilk 10 ended yesterday afternoon, and by now everyone but a few stragglers (including much of the con com) has gone home to shoehorn themselves back into their daily lives with a few wistful looks back at the con. That's how it always seems to go, and the wistful looks at least mean that people had fun here. I'm waiting for my roommates to wake up so I can get started in packing, but I'm not really going to do a con report. I am just going to say that it's a rare and wonderful con where the concom has as much fun as the attendees, and thank you to SO MANY PEOPLE for coming here and having fun with us and making that true. This was our first year in the new hotel, and as far as I know the complaints were very few and mostly very minor, the biggest being that they don't seem to have quite enough hot water for everyone at the peak demand. (They are still finishing renovations, so it may be that simple but we will mention it at checkout.) The hotel beds and I didn't quite agree with eachother but that's normal for me - I sometimes think that it's just as well, since it gives me at least one thing to be glad for in going home!

It was a whole lot of fun, folks, from the concerts to the auction (complete with hot and cold running Bards) to the puns to the strangely mobile dance floor at the banquet. Let's do it again next year, shall we?

home again

Oct. 29th, 2007 08:24 pm
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ACat and I made it home from OVFF, and all is well. There is no way I am getting all caught up on LJ, so call my pants bankrupt for all practical purposes and pour me into bed. (ACat fell asleep three hours ago - I promised to wake him after two, and I tried, but it clearly didn't last. I wonder if he'll even remember talking to me.)

Good con, good friends, good weekend.... good night.
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While ACat is out in California for the weekend, I'm going to Dragoncon tomorrow.I know at least a few people who will be there, and will probably meet up with me at some point (and would be glad to hear from anyone else who'd like to!), but I'm not particularly looking to anyone to entertain me - the people watching alone is good for hours, as I recall. What I *am* looking for is any idea of what time registration opens? The website doesn't say, far as I can see...

I'm taking MARTA to avoid parking logistics and expenses, and only having to coordinate myself so I expect to be there pretty early. I sometimes feel like the only morning person in all of fandom - anyone out there who might prove me wrong?
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Which is to say my pants are utterly bankrupt, but we're home. Got home and to bed a bit past one am this morning, in fact, and we're both up bright and early for work today. Gaaaaaah.

Consonance was a great con, though, and I'm glad we went. The family visit went quite well, too, so I am actually more enthusiastic about the whole thing than my fatigue addled expression would make anyone believe. If I missed anything I should know about since last Wednesday - anything exciting, anything happy, anything that would make me wake up enough to open my eyes wide and yell YOU DID WHAT? - let me know, ok?
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[ profile] autographedcat is headed out to the UK this afternoon while I stay home and hold the fort. He has promised faithfully to distribute many hugs for me, and collect them in return from anyone who wants to pass one along. Take good care of him for me, folks, and I'm sorry I'm going to miss you all!
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I've found myself singing The Girl That's Never Been under my breath today at work... or perhaps a bit over it, judging from the looks I got in the cafeteria while assembling my salad. Hell with it, exposure to good music will broaden their horizons. It could have been a lot worse - it could have been, say, Cadhla's charming little ditty about the Black Death. Anyhow, I do have a seed of an idea for a filk as a result, we'll see what comes of that. More disconcerting is the way I seem to see people from the con here at work every time I turn the corner. I swear I saw Trace's doppleganger in a meeting room, and Taunya from Puzzlebox (am I spelling that right?) walking away from me down a corridor. It's rather odd and making me quite wistful. Why *can't* we have a con every day?

EDIT: and a few minutes later, my brain processed a black and tan scarf draped over the edge of a cubicle as Spot the snake. I think I need more sleep. Or maybe just more con, yeah, that's the ticket.
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We are back from OVFF and dead tired. Dunno about ACat, but I'm triaging email and skimming a bunch of LJ and calling it good enough. Please, if there's something you want me to see let me know. For now, sleep, and then tomorrow I find out the non-financial cost of taking three days off of work....
Con report eventually, maybe. (There's honesty in advertising.) For now, let me just say I had an incredibly good weekend it was very hard to let it go this morning, even as long as we stretched it out.
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Just because I'm getting fidgety and impatient waiting (this will be the longest short work week ever!), who out there is going to OVFF besides ACat and me?
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Not link sausage so much as Kitanzi gumbo, but but if you really want to know... )
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No, I'm not dead. No, ACat and I are fine. Yes, the shoulder is slowly getting better - thanks.

However, I will not be posting in this journal for the forseeable future. The things that are currently eating my brain are going to take a lot of working out on my end, and talking directly to the people involved, and I see no good or help in spreading them out in public during the process.

Please assume I had/will have a great Gafilk, lovely to see you all again, sorry I won't be making it to any other cons until OVFF, still temping, still employed, still married.

Still working on stuff.
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As I expect to be making my best imitation of a night owl tonight (which is probably to say MAYBE still concious at midnight, or at least expecting people to wake me up for it) I'll just say it now.

May your new year be better than your old one in every way possible, may you learn from your mistakes, cherish your blessings, and hold tight to those you love. May we all have what we wish most for, and none of us settle for what we deserve.

(And I may I see as many of you as possible NEXT weekend at Gafilk!)
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Here's a meme that might actual generate content of use to folks, for some value of the word: For those of you who went to OVFF and are just too tired right now to do a proper report, what are three things that you particularly remember about the weekend? They don't have to be the very best, but three memorable bits, and between enough of us we may have a good con report to share.

For me, I'd say bearhugging Maedbh7 when I first saw her, Cadhla's brilliantly executed and choreographed on-stage quick change behind a sheet, and the pool party Sunday evening - we need more people for that next year, if only to warm up the pool!
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We're back from OVFF,and clearly need a vacation from our vacation. I'll try to get around to a proper con report sometime, but looking back at past sucesses on such things, don't hold your breath. I'll be pretty sketchy on catching up with LJ (No, I didn't use the business center for the purpose, though many others did) so if there's anything I should know, please sing out! (Keeping in mind that, yes, I do know about the brand new Glasser! Wheee!)
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Somehow, this always happens. The night before a con I wake up early and can't get back to sleep, just too excited and/or anxious. (Packing, flights, etc) So, yeah, woke a couple times during the night, which is fairly standard lately, and the last time couldn't get back to sleep. I gave up right about four, so here I am. It's the end of a long dry spell of no cons today! Pretty damn broke, but how can we miss OVFF? It will always be our anniversary.

Still, maybe a nap when we get there... I just can't wait to see so many people, many of who I haven't seen since, well, at least Gafilk in January (our last US con) and most since before that. It's been a long time between cons this time.
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Right, it's been months since I posted anything with actual content that wasn't about work. Time to make at least a token effort to catch up, because otherwise it gets harder and harder. At this point, all I can reasonably try for is a thumbnail of the summary of the outline of the highlights of the last couple months, but it's still gonna be long.

Year end and England )
Training and NJ! )
And now... )
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We made it back last night, came in the front door just about 6 pm and did the most urgent stuff (showers, food, triage of paper mail and email) and then had a little time for ourselves before I finally collapsed and went to sleep. That was earlier than I expected, and I figure I'm in a time zone approximately halfway between London and GA at this point, but what the hell. I WILL be doing a con report at least and probably a whole honeymoon report, but it will take a little time. Thanks yet again to all the lovely people who helped make that trip happen, and even more to all the very sweet people who took us into their homes! (In spite of my glorpy, exhausting, disgusting cold which lingered on and on.) I'm not even bothering to try and catch up on LJ, though I may hunt around for con reports. If anyone has anything I should see, please let me know? And now, getting ready to go back to work... yikes.
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I'm going to England, nyah nyah na nyah nyah! Just about 48 hours from now, maybe 49 or so, I should be getting on the plane! (Have I got that right, ACat?)

Thanks yet again to all you amazing people who made sure this happened! *BEARHUGS!*

(Yep, I'm probably being insufferable today. I keep "happening" to mention this at work - but I'm too excited!)


Jan. 10th, 2005 10:35 pm
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It was the best of weekends, it was the suckiest of Mondays. I haven't even made a token attempt at catching up on LJ yet, but I know if I don't do this now it just won't get done - and if you don't report on your own damn con, whose con should you report on?? (Is there anything from the weekend LJs that I really should know about? Anyone?)
Happy daze! )


Sep. 6th, 2004 02:51 pm
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We just got back from Worldcon, had a GREAT time, thoroughly exhausted. I'll try to do a con report in the next week or so, but I just tried to see how much was waiting for me on LJ and it's over 600 posts if I want to catch up. Um, probably not. Anything I should particularly know about?
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ACat and I are going to Worldcon/Noreascon in Boston in a couple weeks - who else will be there? Who'd like to get together and say HI!? We expect to come in Thursday afternoon, leaving Monday morning. I'm just curious who all will be there.

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