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#349 of the series: Ways to Wake Up Which I Would Rather Not Repeat.

In short, walking in to work to be asked "Have you heard the news?"

Our company was sold as of about 2 am last night. Buzz is high, facts are scarce, a massive conference call is scheduled for later this morning.

I sure am awake now.
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At the moment, airconditioning. Oh, boy, am I thankful for airconditioning. Local conditions are predicted to be at least 100 degrees by the thermometer and anywhere up to 110 including the heat index, likely breaking records. I am MASSIVELY grateful to be out of our old apartment, where the air conditioning kept breaking down over and over again. Our company's 10th anniversary celebrations at various locations are scheduled all this week, almost all of them outside, and are they being called on account of heat? Oh no... so, I am sitting here today and eating whatever I have stashed at my desk in preference to going out and driving 20 minutes for a very nice free picnic lunch. I suspect a lot of people are making that choice today.

It's all ACat's fault that this is stuck in my head, but today it feels all too right:
The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
A gigantic nuclear furnace
Where Hydrogen is built into Helium
At a temperature of millions of degrees...
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The guy who sits next to me at work is a real history buff, and puts up a dozen or so "On this day..." type bits every day for everyone's education and entertainment. I'm going to start putting up "History of the future" in the same vein, just cause I think it'd be fun, but I'm going to need to come up with a LOT of stuff if I want to keep it going.

So, just for shits and giggles, throw the History of the Future at me. "August 8th, 2010: Nessie comes out of the loch, demanding her share of the tourist profits." "Time capsule from 1910 is opened, reveals mummified fairies who were apparently trapped while trying to steal the contents." "Starlet sets new record for high altitude childbirth, delivering in the middle of a skydive with the help of a specialized team of midwives."

I'm sure folks can do much better than that. Anything you like, silly or serious. It doesn't have to be consistent with anyone else's idea of things, doesn't even have to be worksafe if you want to have fun with it (I'll just edit things around to fit what I need, but you all go nuts!) I WOULD like to not tie in with current politics in any button pushing or agenda pushing fashion, but otherwise.... whatcha got?


Aug. 3rd, 2007 08:03 am
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So today I'm wearing my Three Weird Sisters tshirt to work (we have dress down Fridays) and I'm fairly sure that the grins and approval are due to the assumption that it's just more proof that I'm a big ol' Harry Potter fan.

I actually attempted to explain to a few people that no, it's a local band, and they came FIRST - got lots of blank looks on that one, especially when I tried to explain what kind of music they do.
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Well, the insanity is officially done at work, at least for me. As of today I am back to working one job, for one manager, and the cleanup on the cluster... er, special project for the other department proceeds completely without me, including accounting for a large (and indeterminate) number of missing files. I like it that way. I got out of work after only working EIGHT HOURS today! On a Monday! I even took a lunch break! How decadent and slothful. ****pppppbbbbbbbbt**** I even ran out of things to do at work today, it's amazing.

Back at home we have just under two weeks until the move, however, and I'm at the point where I'm ready to start simplifying my life with a flamethrower. The apartment is overrun with full boxes, empty boxes, piles of stuff, and half packed clutter which drives me nuts. There's very little left to pack that won't actually be used before we go, though, so blitzing through that doesn't make much sense either.

The upshot is that ACat and I are sitting at home in the middle of a halfpacked yard sale, and our lives feel like we're marking time - mostly because we are. We both seem to be a little down, a little unsettled, a little too quiet. I finally have the energy to realize that I feel like every thing is on hold, and I miss people. Me, the introvert. (A cynical corner of my mind wonders if this is because nearly all the books are packed. Shut up, you.)

Still, I do miss folks and while it's not quite the same I should finally have at least time to catch up on LJ. I'm looking forward to the July filk, too! (And I'm still planning some kind of housewarming thingie once we're unpacked. Yeeeeah, how long do you suppose *that* will take?)
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I just realized how long it's been since I posted, but I really am still alive.

Packing proceeds. I'm not sure where we stand as a fraction of the total, but I think we're doing pretty well, since we are moving 3 weekends from now. There are stacks of filled boxes, mostly in the bedroom. The main thing is not packing things we'll need still.

In fact, I planned to pack a whole lot more this weekend, but our airconditioning has been out. Maintenance keeps coming and fiddling with it, and it will be better for a while, but... he says we have a leak. I don't like the sound of that. No airconditioning in summer in Georgia is somewhat less than a joke - last I checked it was 95 degrees outside. Dunno what it is inside. We keep resolving to just open the windows and at least get some breeze, and then he comes and fiddles and it gets a little bit better for a little while. ACat's playing WoW, and I understand the game's addictive but the computer room's the hottest spot in the house. *shrug*

Against all sense, I am baking the birthday cake for ACat anyhow. Tomorrow, he catches up to me again, at least until next April. Sadly, tomorrow I have an 11 hour workday, so today I bake.

Work continues to be most aggravating, but the worst should be over after this week. I am splitting my time between two high profile, high priority projects for two mangers. They are not playing nicely together. I am not happy with what that means to me. Eh.... still beats the hell out of ADP, *and* it pays better! (Yes, that DOES help my mood! Hell, that fact's what's letting us move in the first place.)

Aphelion is having another flash fic contest - 9 good stories under 1000 words, read them and vote. You don't even have to register, though if you do you can get in on the fun with the next one! (One is mine. Won't tell you which one. It's not the best one.)

Now I go away again to melt quietly by a fan with a book. Come and visit, and we'll share the cake and ice cream.
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Really, I should take time to post about the good stuff in my life lately, and there's been plenty. Some I have, like the wedding, and some I haven't, like the Aphelion microcon and our second trip to the ren faire.

Right now, though, I'm stuck with endless, endless printing, copy, and coallation for this idiot project here at work. Naturally, my mind isn't very engaged in this and tends to drift. For some reason, today it's insisting on dwelling on every stupid or painful thing I've ever done, none of it to any useful purpose.

So, if you have any good memories of me or anything cheerful to tell me about in your life, or anything at all that makes you smile - share?

How it is

May. 10th, 2007 07:14 am
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Well, I have the new job and I really like it. I've always said I'd rather be busy than bored, and this has that in spades. On the other hand, I have no time to read LJ at work any more, and by the time I get home I'm tired and skimming through stuff. I've recently found out I've somehow been missing reading chunks of posts and not even realizing it - if I've missed commenting on something important, please no one take it personally. It's not so much that my pants are bankrupt, but they are certainly on a very fixed income which may not stretch quite far enough some times (to mangle a metaphor past all reason...)
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I was just eating lunch and reading Wicked when the supervisor from the department I had applied to came and asked me if I could come to a quick meeting. Well, now? Yes. Ok, sure!

So, it turns out that here they don't mail an offer letter - HR comes and gives it to you in person, at least if they can find you because you already temp there! HOT DAMN, I GOT THE JOB! Date of hire is officially 3/26, and I have to go for orientation and training and such, a lot of which will be slightly redundant for me, but who cares.

I am no longer a temp, wheeeeeeee!
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I like to read in the break room while I’m eating lunch. It’s just my way of leaving the building for an hour, breaking up the day and making the time my own. Unfortunately, this seems to be a red flag for everyone and his monkey to ask what I’m reading, how many books a week I read, how fast do I read, what I like to read, and everything related that they can think of. This generally irritates me, but I have found two or three people here that I’m happy to have comment, because they actually like to read too, so it’s more of a conversation than “What’s that, ANOTHER new book?” One of them, interestingly enough, is the woman who does the cleaning. English clearly isn’t her first language, though I can’t tell what is – possibly Japanese. Anyhow, she asked me for a recommendation of a good mystery for her to read – “Something not too hard!” My first thought was Agatha Christie, but I don’t have any on hand, so today I brought in the first of Dorothy Gilman’s Mrs. Polifax books. I don’t know that it’s precisely a mystery, but I think she’ll like it, and I think it’s probably a good reading level for her.

I just went and found her changing out a trash bag in the break room, and gave it to her, and she lit up. She wanted to make sure I knew she wouldn’t be able to read it quickly, which is hardly a problem, but with all her thanks you’d think I’d given her a winning lottery ticket, not a loaned paperback. I love doing book swaps, because I love finding new books and passing on the good ones to other people. I think this is probably the most effusive thanks anyone’s ever given to me for it, but damn, I guess that made her day. I know it made mine.


Dec. 15th, 2006 09:59 am
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Clearly whatever bright bulb thought up the Death of a Thousand Cuts spent far too much time filing. What the hell happened to the paperless office, anyhow?

On the other hand, people keep plying me with chocolate, so I guess I'll let them live.

/goes off grumbling to look for more bandaids...
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Our department is moving to a new building over the weekend, about one exit down on the local highway. Today all the aisles are sprouting stacks of enormous bright orange packing crates like some uncontrolled fungus, files are everywhere and dust is flying. The only work actually getting done is cleaning and packing because no one can get at anything anyhow, so it's a very social sort of day. Over the weekend I have to actually find the new location in order to get there in the dark and half asleep on Monday, but if no one hears from me again, I probably fell headfirst into a crate and got packed....
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Not a very good resemblance, I must say! (I do wonder how much work and money it would take to get one, though...)

(On another note, why on earth would you require people to work massive amounts of overtime, including Saturdays, and then not have any idea for hours of what you want them to DO?)
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Starting tomorrow, for about six weeks I will be working 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and 8-5 on Saturday. (Crisis at work, long story, no choice.) As may be obvious, that doesn't leave me a whole lot of time for other stuff, and I probably won't even try keeping up on LJ. Not that I've been terribly active lately anyways, but if anyone has anything they think I should see or would even really be sorry I missed, please have pity and point me at it!

Otherwise, see you all when I get back....
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Apparently I'm supposed to call Rose Tyler to ask why her medical center hasn't called back to set up an appointment for a physical inspection.

If I went to the listed address, do you suppose I'd find the Tardis there? It would have to have a Doctor, after all.
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If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want—good or bad—BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

Why not... however, I should also say I dunno how much LJ I will be reading in the next week or two, or if I'll be keeping up much at all. My surgery is rescheduled for a week from yesterday, and I'm doing about 2 hours overtime every night to try and cover the missed time - still temp, still no sick pay. As a result, by the time I get home I'm in a fair bit of pain and not really sitting at the computer much, and may or may not catch up in the morning. If I miss something you wanted me to know, please have pity and just tell me?
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I can only think that someone DIDN'T think. At work today, I was trying to find an online site to verify private investigators licenses in the state of Arizona. This is the list of Businesses that have licensing/certification requirements in that state, as it says up at the top.

However, look at the 6th item from the bottom. Sex offenders can be licensed and certified as a business now? Ummm.....

Now, I checked where that link goes and obviously they are not and cannot be. It still made me go WTF, showing up on that list.
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The job hunt still goes on, but I did get a one day gig yesterday through a temp agency as a product demonstrator for the opening weekend of the new Costco down the street.

I was officially designated a "breaker", to cover breaks at all the different stations so other people could get a bit of rest. It's been a long time since I've done face to face customer service rather than in a call center, and I'd forgotten it can be seriously a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong, eight hours standing on a concrete floor dishing up chicken salad on crackers or trailmix in a cup at top speed in a riotously busy store is exhausting and tedious. But the people... right up until the last hour when I started realizing how much pain I was in, I was actually having a lot of fun. I got lucky, I know. No parents yelling that I gave their kid food without permission, no kids whining and crying because their parents wouldn't buy whatever or someone's brother stole their bit. But there's fun in trading comments and grins with people who are in a good mood, being able to joke or quip with random people while handing them a little food with a smile. I absolutely wouldn't want to do it for a living, but for one day? Yeah, I had fun!

(Oh, and I met another Larissa. A very nice lady tried to talk to me at the cranberry juice table while I was there. Her english was pretty sketchy, and I didn't realize until her son explained that she didn't want to know what kind of juice it was, she was trying to tell me (in Russian, I believe) that we shared the same name. That was very unusual, and pretty cool!)

Tomorrow, I hopefully have a lead to followup on for a data entry job someone left me a phone message about Friday. Wish me luck!
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I came in to work a bit ago, and was getting myself settled in when I swear I heard a faint female voice from across the floor singing "Batman's got an attitude, everybody takes him seriously..." I swear I heard it. So, intensely curious, I walked over and politely asked the only woman in that area if she'd been singing Arthur Curry

She looked at me very strangely and seemed somewhat abashed, and said she'd been singing the Batman theme song. I apologized, told her what I thought I'd heard (that first fragment), she shook her head and I beat a quick retreat. Now my mind's hallucinating random drive by filkers at work....
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Right, it's been months since I posted anything with actual content that wasn't about work. Time to make at least a token effort to catch up, because otherwise it gets harder and harder. At this point, all I can reasonably try for is a thumbnail of the summary of the outline of the highlights of the last couple months, but it's still gonna be long.

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