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2007-01-31 07:21 am
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Poll results

[ profile] joyeuse13 has finished her poll and posted the results, for those who are interested! Thanks again if you followed my link to help out with that!
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2007-01-29 01:31 pm
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A little help from my friends

My friend [ profile] joyeuse13 is looking for people to answer an interesting linguistics poll she's doing. Apparently most of her responders so far have been American - can I ask any of my non-American friends to help her out? (And any American ones who'd be interested, for that matter - the bigger the sample size the better, she's just hoping for some diversity as well.)
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2006-09-25 08:34 pm


I had an interesting discussion with a friend earlier today about the boundaries between public and private, and the non-obvious line where venting and asking friends for help and support shades into talking about someone else's business, perhaps even more so online. When does your need for support run into someone else's wish for privacy? I've had this come up in my life often enough that I've put a lot of thought into it, but I thought this would also be a good place to ask other people's experiences - please feel free to add anything you like in comments.

[Poll #830069]
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2003-05-06 05:03 pm
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Poll update

Looks like the poll fizzled a bit, so here are the last entries:

[ profile] quadrivium - cinnamon!

[ profile] figmo - um, I didn't, though it seems to be a common assumption. If you saw the "How do you know me?" meme a bit ago, ACat and I both included poly in our self descriptions - I thought I answered that one for you, also?
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2003-05-01 11:14 pm
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Poll answers

First batch of poll answers - I'm hoping for more:

[ profile] surrdave - a bag of chocolate kisses and a sappy card. I left them for ACat to find after my first visit down here. :)

[ profile] sdorn - A couple reasons, actually - my name means smiling one in Greek, plus I have a habit in social situations of becoming invisible if I'm unsure or uncomfortable. A friend suggested that nick as an alternate to Kitanzi, and found the picture which I later resized as an icon.

[ profile] browngirl - On top, yes. *G*

[ profile] nrivkis - Yes. :) Dunno if anything will actually come of it, though. Waiting is.

[ profile] drishnak - Doesn't that depend on how pickled *Peter* is?

[ profile] tigerbright - Nope, my loss. I think I would have been far better off if I *HAD*, but I was pretty much a mess back then. I suspect it would have had a bad ending, and that would be a shame for right now.

[ profile] delennara - Oh yes, most of my life. My parents both kept cats, when they were together and when apart. I think right now is one of the only two or three times I haven't had a cat living in the household, if I'm remembering rightly. I've had/lived with siamese, himalayan, calico, tortiseshell, short hair tabby, and unidentifiable mixes, both short and long haired. I don't think I could pick a favorite, but I took Kitanzi as a handle when the cat I named that disappeared. *shrug*

[ profile] folkmew - That's a hard one. I'm really not sure! I read a LOT, and not always very discriminately, so it's hard to say what writers affected my own writing. For lyrics, I can't write music so by definition I swipe other folks' tunes to filk, and their lyrics naturally help form mine. Of that, I think the best I've done is When We Go, to the Dave and Tracy tune When I Go. Does that count?
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2003-04-30 08:31 pm
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So ask me!

This looks like fun - besides, I recently noted that I (unintentionally) seem to only pick the memes that have OTHER people telling ME things about themselves. This seems like a fair turn about!

In case you haven't seen this making the rounds, the submitted questions are not viewable to anyone but me. The answers, minus the questions but with the LJ handle (or pseudonym, Ann), will be posted in batches as I get them. If you strongly want something answered more privately instead, feel free to email it to me, but I think that takes half the fun out of it.

[Poll #130040]