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Apparently I'm supposed to call Rose Tyler to ask why her medical center hasn't called back to set up an appointment for a physical inspection.

If I went to the listed address, do you suppose I'd find the Tardis there? It would have to have a Doctor, after all.
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As I pulled into the parking lot at work this morning, I noticed the overcast sky was getting darker and it looked like rain. That appears to be nothing uncommon for GA in March, though I thought it was too bad that the recent streak of gorgeous spring weather was coming to an end. Then I noticed something strange as I pulled into a parking spot.


Swirls of snow blowing through the air, across the windshield, in little drifts down the road.

In Georgia. In March.

Ok, obviously it wasn't snow, but it was an amazing imitation. Scores of trees had lost their white blossoms overnight, and there were eddies and drifts and flurries in the wind of these tiny snowy white petals everywhere. They looked just like big, fat snowflakes until I could look closely at them, and the illusion was absolutely surreal. Walking to the building was even more so, as they scudded by in the gutters and across the grass while I walked through the cool, humid spring morning.

Everyone's day can use a little beautiful surrealism.
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I am just utterly speechless.

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