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ACat has the full list, at least as far as the card tells us -

Thank you, all of you, for an amazingly generous wedding gift! We'll see most of you in February!
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I am trying to be more consistent in posting. I am also trying to do better about everything from catching up on email to cleaning the house. Ha. Toooo many distractions, however pleasant they are!

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Aug. 7th, 2004 09:23 am
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[ profile] telynor has already described it quite well, but I find it's fun to have more than one perspective anyhow.
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[ profile] nrivkis just dropped one of the biggest, shiniest surprises on ACat and me that I have ever received.

Apparently she and a consortium of LOVELY friends (you all know who you are - I don't know all the names yet, though I'm told the card with them should arrive shortly after our wedding date next Friday!) have conspired to buy us a honeymoon.

In England.

Covering both of our airfare, both ways, and the hotel while we are at the UK Con next year, and our memberships. AND arranging the tickets, and the transporation, and staying in peoples' homes if we have time to spend beyond the con, and generally spoiling the hell out of us before, during and after.

I am caught somewhere between brain explosion and incoherent with incredulous joy. We've been determined to go, especially since that will be about the right time to see [ profile] telynor marry [ profile] filceolaire, but we've been worried about the finances, especially since it's fairly soon after Worldcon which we're also determined to go to. This is just... mindboggling. I knew we have some good friends - I didn't know you all aspired to be angels! :) *BEARHUGS*
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About time I updated, don't you think?

[ profile] autographedcat actually logged most of what's been happening lately, including piles of photos, but here's the short(ish) version.

My not so exciting life - family, birthday, City of Heroes, Pride, work, family reunion, and photos photos photos! )
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Well, at this point we've personally told a few people who we particularly wanted to be sure heard it personally from us, and now we're telling the rest of the world (or at least those who may care to know.)

We haven't set a date yet, but some time in August ACat and I will be getting married. The actual wedding will likely be a small civil ceremony at a justice of the peace, but we're figuring on having some sort of party or shinding shortly after for people who would like to celebrate. Details will be sent out whenever we get them hammered out, and it will be in GA, but any of our friends who would like to come for this will be welcome and should please consider themselves invited!

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