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Just for novelty's sake, maybe I'll post about something other than memes and/or movie nights, hmmm? It's a concept.

I just got home last night from an excellent weekend in Michigan visiting a close friend.

Friday ACat dropped me off at the MARTA which kindly delivered me to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport in plenty of time to... stand in line for security for nearly an hour, followed by running down escalators and getting to my gate just as they were preparing to wrap up boarding. Whew. Carry-on luggage gains weight in direct proportion to the attempted speed of the carrier.

The flight was fine, and D was waiting for me right where he said he'd be, to whisk me off through the streets of Detroit. It turned out to be a lovely weekend with lots of snuggling, no lunches, tasty dinners, great company, a baby panther in the house, the Comfy Bed, many stairs and a trip to the New Detroit Science Center to see Our Body: The Universe Within. That spawned lots of slightly macabre jokes about the possibilities of haunting and/or zombies at the museum after the lights went out. The exhibit itself is more than a little bit controversial, with some evasive answers about where the bodies originally came from and on whose authority but it's absolutely fascinating. The museum has many other excellent exhibits, but that plus the Imax theater's film on the human body really made my inner bio-geek very happy.

Sunday afternoon D got me to the airport early enough to placate my neurotic certainty that I'm going to miss the plane, no matter what - only to get conflicting information once we were there on when the plane was actually leaving. Sadly, the Detroit Metro airport isn't designed to let you comfortably kill time before passing security, so we said our goodbyes without stretching them out very much, and parted ways. Security on this end was a snap, and of course since I was on time/early they delayed the plane. Twice. Dammit.

I spent the time reading, watching the clock, and speculating on how much of a spectacle we might have been able to make of ourselves next to the security checkpoint if we'd known we had that much time. *ahem* Oh well, this chance is gone - perhaps to grab the next one! *evil grin*

I'm home today, having scheduled it off for rest and recuperation (and unpacking, and laundry, and PT, and groceries...), but it was a really good weekend. Just thought I ought to mention that those do still happen, even if I haven't been posting about them much.
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We just now got home from the Michigan, where ACat and I attended the wedding of [ profile] aiela and [ profile] davehogg, as they and Aiela's daughter Brittany formalized the family they have made. The ceremony was as beautiful as the rehearsal was chaotic (and that's saying something), and I believe Dave and I managed to convince each other of our reality by thorough and rigorous proof. (I maintain there is still a possibility he may evaporate from existance between visits, however. Further proof may be requested.) My pants are entirely bankrupt, and I doubt I'll be able to make much effort to catch up, but we had a really wonderful weekend. Coming home, I remarked to ACat that it felt like coming home from a convention (yes, that IS a compliment!) - we're exhausted and running on autopilot, and missing people left behind as we head back to our everyday lives. ACat brought his laptop but I didn't touch it all weekend, so if I missed anything good, catch me up!
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We're back from OVFF,and clearly need a vacation from our vacation. I'll try to get around to a proper con report sometime, but looking back at past sucesses on such things, don't hold your breath. I'll be pretty sketchy on catching up with LJ (No, I didn't use the business center for the purpose, though many others did) so if there's anything I should know, please sing out! (Keeping in mind that, yes, I do know about the brand new Glasser! Wheee!)
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Somehow, this always happens. The night before a con I wake up early and can't get back to sleep, just too excited and/or anxious. (Packing, flights, etc) So, yeah, woke a couple times during the night, which is fairly standard lately, and the last time couldn't get back to sleep. I gave up right about four, so here I am. It's the end of a long dry spell of no cons today! Pretty damn broke, but how can we miss OVFF? It will always be our anniversary.

Still, maybe a nap when we get there... I just can't wait to see so many people, many of who I haven't seen since, well, at least Gafilk in January (our last US con) and most since before that. It's been a long time between cons this time.
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Right, it's been months since I posted anything with actual content that wasn't about work. Time to make at least a token effort to catch up, because otherwise it gets harder and harder. At this point, all I can reasonably try for is a thumbnail of the summary of the outline of the highlights of the last couple months, but it's still gonna be long.

Year end and England )
Training and NJ! )
And now... )
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Today, tomorrow, a half day Friday - and then I go HOME! Thank you very, very much to the people who have called, have sent cards, and have travelled well out of their way to cheer and entertain me. It has been a long week and a half so far, but that's made it so much easier.
I have some amazing friends. )
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In about a half hour we're leaving for the airport. I think I'll probably be able to find internet access during my two week training course in NJ, but just in case, see you all later and wish me luck!

NJ trip

Feb. 26th, 2005 11:22 am
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As I've mentioned, I am going to NJ for a two week training course starting 3/14, so 3/18 (evening) to 3/20 I'm hoping to be able to go to NJ and see people. ACat is flying into La Guardia Friday and Maedbh7 is planning on going directly to NY also on a bus. I'm trying to figure out how to get from NJ to NY in such a way as to meet up with them and whoever else might be around and interested. The hotel website is useless, but the fact that they don't have an airport shuttle suggests they aren't close enough to the airport to make that a good mass transit jump on option and NJ Transit website doesn't seem to be helping me figure out what's anywhere near Morristown, which is where the hotel is. Do any of the local/localish people have advice or websites or resources? All help appreciated - plus it would be good to know where/when/who might be in the catherding plans for the weekend!
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We made it back last night, came in the front door just about 6 pm and did the most urgent stuff (showers, food, triage of paper mail and email) and then had a little time for ourselves before I finally collapsed and went to sleep. That was earlier than I expected, and I figure I'm in a time zone approximately halfway between London and GA at this point, but what the hell. I WILL be doing a con report at least and probably a whole honeymoon report, but it will take a little time. Thanks yet again to all the lovely people who helped make that trip happen, and even more to all the very sweet people who took us into their homes! (In spite of my glorpy, exhausting, disgusting cold which lingered on and on.) I'm not even bothering to try and catch up on LJ, though I may hunt around for con reports. If anyone has anything I should see, please let me know? And now, getting ready to go back to work... yikes.
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I'm going to England, nyah nyah na nyah nyah! Just about 48 hours from now, maybe 49 or so, I should be getting on the plane! (Have I got that right, ACat?)

Thanks yet again to all you amazing people who made sure this happened! *BEARHUGS!*

(Yep, I'm probably being insufferable today. I keep "happening" to mention this at work - but I'm too excited!)
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Well, to me at least - possibly not to everyone else, so....
let's cuttag it )


Sep. 6th, 2004 02:51 pm
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We just got back from Worldcon, had a GREAT time, thoroughly exhausted. I'll try to do a con report in the next week or so, but I just tried to see how much was waiting for me on LJ and it's over 600 posts if I want to catch up. Um, probably not. Anything I should particularly know about?
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ACat has the full list, at least as far as the card tells us -

Thank you, all of you, for an amazingly generous wedding gift! We'll see most of you in February!
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ACat and I are going to Worldcon/Noreascon in Boston in a couple weeks - who else will be there? Who'd like to get together and say HI!? We expect to come in Thursday afternoon, leaving Monday morning. I'm just curious who all will be there.
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[ profile] nrivkis just dropped one of the biggest, shiniest surprises on ACat and me that I have ever received.

Apparently she and a consortium of LOVELY friends (you all know who you are - I don't know all the names yet, though I'm told the card with them should arrive shortly after our wedding date next Friday!) have conspired to buy us a honeymoon.

In England.

Covering both of our airfare, both ways, and the hotel while we are at the UK Con next year, and our memberships. AND arranging the tickets, and the transporation, and staying in peoples' homes if we have time to spend beyond the con, and generally spoiling the hell out of us before, during and after.

I am caught somewhere between brain explosion and incoherent with incredulous joy. We've been determined to go, especially since that will be about the right time to see [ profile] telynor marry [ profile] filceolaire, but we've been worried about the finances, especially since it's fairly soon after Worldcon which we're also determined to go to. This is just... mindboggling. I knew we have some good friends - I didn't know you all aspired to be angels! :) *BEARHUGS*
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About time I updated, don't you think?

[ profile] autographedcat actually logged most of what's been happening lately, including piles of photos, but here's the short(ish) version.

My not so exciting life - family, birthday, City of Heroes, Pride, work, family reunion, and photos photos photos! )
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*happysigh* You know, I don't think I ever had quite so much fun at a con that I saw so little of.

What I did with my weekend )
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I know enough Brits by now who do or may come over here to visit that think that I should point at this as widely as possible:

Travel meme

Aug. 8th, 2003 12:35 pm
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Travel meme from cyan_blue via nrivkis:

What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?

Depends on how you define home state, actually. If home state is where I live, the last trip was to MA, which is the state I was born in. If that's actually defined as my home state, then... I'm not sure. Either TN or AL, I think. My last trip outside my country was to England!

What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?

On the way back from England, a passenger died in the toilet at the end of our row, and I had entirely too good a view of the emergency procedings. Come to think of it, we had an emergency landing in Quebec. Technically, the last country I visited was Canada. *G*

If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?

Oh my. Um, I dunno... can I make it an overall trip of Europe?

Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car?

Plane, actually. It's shorter. I don't particularly like travelling, though I like being at the places I'm travelling TO.

What's the next place on your list to visit?

OH, for OVFF, in October. :) Though there may be brief visits to TN or something similar first!
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In which our intrepid heroes go to Gravesend, with side trips to London, then home, with a side trip to... Quebec??

The (long) saga concludes! )

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