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You can blame [ profile] cadhla for this one, or so [ profile] autographedcat says. Me, I'm not sure we can fairly blame anyone else for this, but a scapegoat may prove useful if Ben Wakeman has a heartattack over what we did to his lovely song. The wistfully melodic tune for The Overall Distance has turned into .... an attack of the killer zombies.


(Also going up on with the others just as soon as I get around to it.)

new song

Aug. 14th, 2006 08:27 pm
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(Dontcha hate it/love it when a song grabs you when you're supposed to be doing something else, and refuses to go away?)

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There are two new songs up at, for those that may be interested - particularly you, [ profile] nrivkis, since one of them is the challenge song for "Go fix that typo" ttto Don't Push That Button. :) Great art it's not - but it was fun. Thanks!
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Well, I was doing a mind numbingly repetitive task at work today, and decided to make it a little more tolerable by working on memorizing more lyrics at the same time. I've always loved Cheryl Wheeler's song Arrow, and ACat plays it very well, so I thought I'd work on that. I printed the lyrics and put in a couple hours off and on with that along with the files. As all so often I find happens, the lyrics started to mutate on me. I wouldn't count it as a filk, and it's not exactly a parody either, for all that I stole the tune. (And, for those who would ask, it does *not* reflect my mood!)

Warning: Arrow is a very melancholy love song. This is no love song, but...

Hawk's Lament )
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Not everyone who reads this is a filker, and not everyone who reads this is a City of Heroes addict player, so I've stuck this behind the cut tag. Still, it's the first song I've written in a VERY long time (with feedback and polishing help from ACat!), and I kinda like it.

Just how many people will actually go past the cut tag, I wonder? )
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Three posts in a day... I think I am tying my own record for this. I did mention I was trying to polish a song, yes? Well, I wrote a surprisingly ose song while I had a cold in England, and I've been fiddling and tinkering with it. (I didn't start out ose, believe me. It's one of those that wandered off on its own, leaving me to trail behind it. In fact, I think even by Erica Neely's definition, this is ose!)

Still curious? )
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A surprising number of filkers know the outstanding music of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, mostly because [ profile] spiritdance and her husband have been enthusiastic vectors for spreading that virus. I only met the folk duo once,when they performed earlier this year in New England, but they both impressed me as being wonderfully friendly, kind and interesting people, personally and professionally. They had been getting greater attention, had won considerable recognition, and as a singing partnership, they seemed poised just at the brink of everything paying off for them.
Two days ago Dave died in a hotel room of a heart attack, just shy of 50 years old from what I hear.
Any one who's heard and loved their music will know this is a tragedy. Any one who has met them will also grieve the death of someone who was just as extraordinary personally as professionally.
I used to do several of their songs pretty regularly at filks with my ex, but they've fallen out of my practice list by default over the past couple months. I need to get back to doing those, but last night Gafia listened to me stumble thruogh one of the very few filksongs I've written. In fact, I wrote it just about this time last year, and I like to think that if Dave Carter had written filk, it might be something like When We Go. Just for self indulgence, I think I'll post it. But I'll keep it behind the cut.

Read more... )

Dave believed in angels. I hope he's singing with them now.

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