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ACat and I are hosting the filk again this month, so if you'd like to come join the fun on Saturday, just let us know if you need directions. The last one was lots of fun, and I bet we can make it even better!


Feb. 10th, 2008 07:44 am
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We hosted the monthly filk last night, and much fun and junk food and music was had by all. It was a good time, you should have been there. (Unless you're one of the people who WAS there, in which case - zoooombies!) People cleared out about oneish, and we promptly fell over. Sadly, my brain (which I am NOT speaking to right now) insisted on waking me up at 6:30 ANYHOW.

Nap later. Dammit. But it was lots of fun and totally worth it and we're doing this again. But yeah, nap.
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Gafia's February filk will be at OUR place this time, wheee! Officially, the usual start time is 7 this Saturday, 2/9/08, but those showing up early will not be turned away, and those showing up late will simply be required to be next up in the singing. We're not providing dinner, but will provide some munchies and soda, and can direct to any number of nearby places to eat. (There's a good Greek place almost next door that I'd recommend!) Two cats, no indoor smoking, not childproofed, and glad to see you all. We do have a guest room that we've mentioned to several people but no one's spoken for it yet - let us know if you need any of our limited crash space and we'll welcome you! Email my LJ account or [ profile] autographedcat's for directions if needed.
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ACat and I trekked to Alabama yesterday for the monthly filk, this time at the home of [ profile] quadrivium and her husband and son. It was about four hours each way, but really worth it. There was food, conversation, food, music, food, and did I mention food? I brought along a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting, but I needn't have bothered since there was honestly enough food to gorge twice the people who were there! (I think this may have been a rehearsal for thanksgiving dinner!) For some reason the recurring musical theme was zombies, but hey, we had fun, and there were a number of songs I'd only seen the lyrics to before, mostly on journals. ACat and I crashed at a local hotel at something like 1 am EST, which is really late for me, and proceeded to not sleep much (didn't bring his CPAP or the wedge I seem to need under my legs to sleep these days), so we got back on the road fairly early, ate a quick breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and traded off the driving twice on the way home due to too tired. S'okay, weekends are for naps, which we both proved when we got home. Now I need to go make a chocolate kahlua trifle for him to bring to his office party tomorrow, while he's still sleeping.
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While ACat is out in California for the weekend, I'm going to Dragoncon tomorrow.I know at least a few people who will be there, and will probably meet up with me at some point (and would be glad to hear from anyone else who'd like to!), but I'm not particularly looking to anyone to entertain me - the people watching alone is good for hours, as I recall. What I *am* looking for is any idea of what time registration opens? The website doesn't say, far as I can see...

I'm taking MARTA to avoid parking logistics and expenses, and only having to coordinate myself so I expect to be there pretty early. I sometimes feel like the only morning person in all of fandom - anyone out there who might prove me wrong?
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Well, the insanity is officially done at work, at least for me. As of today I am back to working one job, for one manager, and the cleanup on the cluster... er, special project for the other department proceeds completely without me, including accounting for a large (and indeterminate) number of missing files. I like it that way. I got out of work after only working EIGHT HOURS today! On a Monday! I even took a lunch break! How decadent and slothful. ****pppppbbbbbbbbt**** I even ran out of things to do at work today, it's amazing.

Back at home we have just under two weeks until the move, however, and I'm at the point where I'm ready to start simplifying my life with a flamethrower. The apartment is overrun with full boxes, empty boxes, piles of stuff, and half packed clutter which drives me nuts. There's very little left to pack that won't actually be used before we go, though, so blitzing through that doesn't make much sense either.

The upshot is that ACat and I are sitting at home in the middle of a halfpacked yard sale, and our lives feel like we're marking time - mostly because we are. We both seem to be a little down, a little unsettled, a little too quiet. I finally have the energy to realize that I feel like every thing is on hold, and I miss people. Me, the introvert. (A cynical corner of my mind wonders if this is because nearly all the books are packed. Shut up, you.)

Still, I do miss folks and while it's not quite the same I should finally have at least time to catch up on LJ. I'm looking forward to the July filk, too! (And I'm still planning some kind of housewarming thingie once we're unpacked. Yeeeeah, how long do you suppose *that* will take?)
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We just now got home from the Michigan, where ACat and I attended the wedding of [ profile] aiela and [ profile] davehogg, as they and Aiela's daughter Brittany formalized the family they have made. The ceremony was as beautiful as the rehearsal was chaotic (and that's saying something), and I believe Dave and I managed to convince each other of our reality by thorough and rigorous proof. (I maintain there is still a possibility he may evaporate from existance between visits, however. Further proof may be requested.) My pants are entirely bankrupt, and I doubt I'll be able to make much effort to catch up, but we had a really wonderful weekend. Coming home, I remarked to ACat that it felt like coming home from a convention (yes, that IS a compliment!) - we're exhausted and running on autopilot, and missing people left behind as we head back to our everyday lives. ACat brought his laptop but I didn't touch it all weekend, so if I missed anything good, catch me up!
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I guess it's a tradition now - it's been twice! Last year I was kidnapped off to the GA Renfaire for my birthday by the conspiracy of [ profile] autographedcat, [ profile] joyeuse13 and [ profile] abovenyquist for one of the best birthdays I've ever had. This year I instigated it, but dragged the same folks along plus [ profile] thatcrazycajun, [ profile] hilfy, [ profile] wheezingirl and her husband Matt (who I don't think has an LJ - correct me if I'm wrong!) Hilfy, ACat and I got there about ten, and others showed up at somewhat staggered times in a typical herding cats fashion, but cellphones turned out to be a (somewhat mixed) blessing and we all had a great time with lots of fun, a bit too much sun, a Lost Boys concert, a couple of visits to see the Parrots of the Carribean, more street performer interaction than usual (maybe because we got there so early), and lots of browsing/shopping. This year I did get the gorgeous silk harem pants I'd drooled over last year - yay for having money! On the whole, however, I think we got off relatively cheaply, and I had a lovely time. ACat, Hilfy and I left after about four and a half hours due to heat, tiredness, and general soreness, and left the others still hopefully having just as much fun. (Yes, ACat will of course have photos up soon. I'm disappointed that the belly dancers weren't there this weekend, however.)

We dropped Hilfy off, came home, vegged out in the airconditioning with some amaaaaazing Ben and Jerry's ice cream - Willy Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler. Seriously, brand new favorite flavor, sooooo good. Anyhow, we had a quiet afternoon and evening, and finally finally finally watched the premiere of Blood Ties from where it was lurking on the tivo - I recommend that, too. And now, I think, to bed. I hope everyone had just as good a day, whatever made that for them.
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Work continues to be insane, and likely will for a couple more weeks, but I did manage to NOT work yesterday which was perfectly wonderful since it meant I got to go with [ profile] autographedcat to Aphelicon 2, the official microcon of Aphelion. Among other things, this was a celebration for the newly minted marriage of [ profile] vila_resthal and his charming wife Lyn, which was the easier for being held at their home. We had a great time, and I'm sure there will eventually be photos even though ACat forgot our camera. We saw old friends from last year, and met new ones we'd never known before. There was good food, good drink, good music and great company, and even though Life happened later, the con itself was an unqualified success.

Today is the second anniversary for ACat and me. (I just asked if this was the second or third, since I couldn't quite be sure - he said "The second. It just seems longer." He quickly added that he meant that in a good way when I dissolved into laugher.) I wish Vila and Lyn a marriage as happy and strong as the one we're celebrating today!
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37 seems pretty damned good right about now, and in fact I'd have to say that overall life keeps getting better every year, in spite of life being full of Goddamn Learning Experiences. I guess that's how I get to keep having birthdays, right?

Why, did you say? )
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Not link sausage so much as Kitanzi gumbo, but but if you really want to know... )
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As I expect to be making my best imitation of a night owl tonight (which is probably to say MAYBE still concious at midnight, or at least expecting people to wake me up for it) I'll just say it now.

May your new year be better than your old one in every way possible, may you learn from your mistakes, cherish your blessings, and hold tight to those you love. May we all have what we wish most for, and none of us settle for what we deserve.

(And I may I see as many of you as possible NEXT weekend at Gafilk!)
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That was a good Tday, a really good one. ACat and I went and had Thanksgiving with [ profile] joyuse13 and her charming husband [ profile] abovenyquist at their gorgeous home, along with our mutual friend [ profile] curiousmay9. In fact, the weather was so nice we ate out on their newly renovated (ok, mid-renovations, technically) deck and it was gorgeous. I had fun playing in their excellent kitchen and the food appeared to be a hit, so I am inordinately pleased at how well it went. We got there just before noon and left about ten, and the time was full of food, talk, music, a walk in the unseasonally warm weather (even for GA!), and Christmas tree assembly and decoration. [ profile] joyeuse13 has posted the photos, but between the food and the company and the unexpected Thanksgiving picnic, I think this was one of my best Thanksgivings ever.

Today's probably the first time I can remember having the day after Tday off, so I'm using the time for a doctor's appointment and a lunchdate with my husband - by which time I just may be ready to eat again!
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Here's a meme that might actual generate content of use to folks, for some value of the word: For those of you who went to OVFF and are just too tired right now to do a proper report, what are three things that you particularly remember about the weekend? They don't have to be the very best, but three memorable bits, and between enough of us we may have a good con report to share.

For me, I'd say bearhugging Maedbh7 when I first saw her, Cadhla's brilliantly executed and choreographed on-stage quick change behind a sheet, and the pool party Sunday evening - we need more people for that next year, if only to warm up the pool!
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We're back from OVFF,and clearly need a vacation from our vacation. I'll try to get around to a proper con report sometime, but looking back at past sucesses on such things, don't hold your breath. I'll be pretty sketchy on catching up with LJ (No, I didn't use the business center for the purpose, though many others did) so if there's anything I should know, please sing out! (Keeping in mind that, yes, I do know about the brand new Glasser! Wheee!)
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Went to the filk last night at the very beautiful home of [ profile] joyeuse13 and her husband Aaron, had a great time, stayed up way later than my bedtime. Got home, went to be about twoish.... and woke up four hours later just in time for work. (And I am apparently SO tired I not only can't remember his LJ name, I can't recognize it on a friends list.)

It's Sunday. Go back to sleep.

No luck. Bahhhhh.... this will be a day for a nap, I think. But the filk was SO much fun. Met a bunch of very friendly new people, sang WAY more than I usually have the nerve to (not sure why), drank lots of caffiene (for that staying awake thing), sat in the car being a happy zombie while ACat drove us home. Want to do that again.

But please, right now, sleep, dammit. *sigh*
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Right, it's been months since I posted anything with actual content that wasn't about work. Time to make at least a token effort to catch up, because otherwise it gets harder and harder. At this point, all I can reasonably try for is a thumbnail of the summary of the outline of the highlights of the last couple months, but it's still gonna be long.

Year end and England )
Training and NJ! )
And now... )
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Today, tomorrow, a half day Friday - and then I go HOME! Thank you very, very much to the people who have called, have sent cards, and have travelled well out of their way to cheer and entertain me. It has been a long week and a half so far, but that's made it so much easier.
I have some amazing friends. )

NJ trip

Feb. 26th, 2005 11:22 am
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As I've mentioned, I am going to NJ for a two week training course starting 3/14, so 3/18 (evening) to 3/20 I'm hoping to be able to go to NJ and see people. ACat is flying into La Guardia Friday and Maedbh7 is planning on going directly to NY also on a bus. I'm trying to figure out how to get from NJ to NY in such a way as to meet up with them and whoever else might be around and interested. The hotel website is useless, but the fact that they don't have an airport shuttle suggests they aren't close enough to the airport to make that a good mass transit jump on option and NJ Transit website doesn't seem to be helping me figure out what's anywhere near Morristown, which is where the hotel is. Do any of the local/localish people have advice or websites or resources? All help appreciated - plus it would be good to know where/when/who might be in the catherding plans for the weekend!


Jan. 10th, 2005 10:35 pm
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It was the best of weekends, it was the suckiest of Mondays. I haven't even made a token attempt at catching up on LJ yet, but I know if I don't do this now it just won't get done - and if you don't report on your own damn con, whose con should you report on?? (Is there anything from the weekend LJs that I really should know about? Anyone?)
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