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I guess it's a tradition now - it's been twice! Last year I was kidnapped off to the GA Renfaire for my birthday by the conspiracy of [ profile] autographedcat, [ profile] joyeuse13 and [ profile] abovenyquist for one of the best birthdays I've ever had. This year I instigated it, but dragged the same folks along plus [ profile] thatcrazycajun, [ profile] hilfy, [ profile] wheezingirl and her husband Matt (who I don't think has an LJ - correct me if I'm wrong!) Hilfy, ACat and I got there about ten, and others showed up at somewhat staggered times in a typical herding cats fashion, but cellphones turned out to be a (somewhat mixed) blessing and we all had a great time with lots of fun, a bit too much sun, a Lost Boys concert, a couple of visits to see the Parrots of the Carribean, more street performer interaction than usual (maybe because we got there so early), and lots of browsing/shopping. This year I did get the gorgeous silk harem pants I'd drooled over last year - yay for having money! On the whole, however, I think we got off relatively cheaply, and I had a lovely time. ACat, Hilfy and I left after about four and a half hours due to heat, tiredness, and general soreness, and left the others still hopefully having just as much fun. (Yes, ACat will of course have photos up soon. I'm disappointed that the belly dancers weren't there this weekend, however.)

We dropped Hilfy off, came home, vegged out in the airconditioning with some amaaaaazing Ben and Jerry's ice cream - Willy Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler. Seriously, brand new favorite flavor, sooooo good. Anyhow, we had a quiet afternoon and evening, and finally finally finally watched the premiere of Blood Ties from where it was lurking on the tivo - I recommend that, too. And now, I think, to bed. I hope everyone had just as good a day, whatever made that for them.
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37 seems pretty damned good right about now, and in fact I'd have to say that overall life keeps getting better every year, in spite of life being full of Goddamn Learning Experiences. I guess that's how I get to keep having birthdays, right?

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And now that I have your attention...

This guy is often funny, but I'm linking this particular one because my email is down indefinitely, and there are enough people I would have emailed it to that this seems the best course! (Just FYI, the user is The Ferret. No actual ferret breasts are involved. Plus this is actually work safe. Maedbh7, you especially should read this! (ACat already has, yes.))
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The very first thing anyone would think of for a team building activity for a payroll company would be buying tickets to the local Ren Faire for all employees and a spouse/child/guest apiece. Right?

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Well, I've been busy. Happy, exhausted, busy - the best kind.
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