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For my birthday last year I asked for and got a 3" 3lb density queen sized memory foam mattress topper. I like it and sleep well on it, but very strong circumstancial evidence suggests that it makes ACat's back problems worse. If no one speaks for it I'll put it up on Freecycle but I thought I'd offer it to friends first. I can't very well ship it - it's quite bulky and I have no way to compress it to the level the factory did - but any one who can pick it up in Alpharetta is welcome to it.
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In cataloging our books, we found we have five duplicates:
The Hour of the Gate, by Alan Dean Foster
Starseed, by Spider and Jeanne Robinson
The Callahan Touch, by Spider Robinson
Dreamweaver's Dilemma, by Lois McMaster Bujold
The Hugo Winners (Volumes I and II), edited by Isaac Asimov

These are available to a good home, if anyone would like. If there are no takers, we'll probably take them for credit to the used book store, but I wanted to offer them to friends first.

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