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On behalf of [ profile] cadhla, via ever so many people (but it still bears repeating):

A fire sale is what you have when the house is on fire and you need to get things out of it, right? 'Here, buy my stuff before it gets smoke-damaged'. Well, a very good friend of mine has a house that's on fire right now, and that means I'm having a fire sale to try to help her put it out.

For the next week, all proceeds of sales from my first album, Pretty Little Dead Girl, will be going straight to her and her family, to help them get through a rather nasty financial crunch -- basically, she starts her new job in two weeks, but until then, there's no money to do fun things like 'feed the resident small child' and 'keep the electricity running'. If we can manage to sell forty copies of the album, at $15 a pop, we'll raise six hundred dollars, and get them through this stupid speed bump.

To order Pretty Little Dead Girl and donate the proceeds, go to:

Put 'fire sale' in the comments field. We still have to charge postage (and the international order surcharge, for people outside the US), since I don't have any money either, but all actual sale-of-CD proceeds will go straight to the donation pool. I'm probably going to do a few art sales or auctions to help this along, later in the week.

Please, feel free to repost this entry, modified as necessary, especially if you have a reading list that differs substantially from mine. The fire sale will run from Thursday, June 28, through Thursday, July 5.

Thank you.
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Last night [ profile] autographedcat and I went to see the last gig for Bed and Breakfast ([ profile] bedlamhouse and [ profile] ladyat) before they move away. Their yearly St. Patrick's gig was at Lassiter's Tavern, and it was a whole lot of loud, rowdy, friendly-drunk fun - I woke up this morning feeling a whole lot better than I had any right to expect. They were scheduled, I believe, for two hours and lasted at least three, and kept everyone having fun the whole time (plus handling drunks beautifully!) The place was jammed, and a lot of friends both old and new came by to hear them, including [ profile] sapphire_d, [ profile] vampry, Joe, Myra and others I can't remember the names of. ACat, of course, took manymany photos and has them up on his website as usual:

For once, ACat didn't get much argument from me about photographs (gives you an idea of how much cider I had), so I've got a new icon or two out of it to boot!
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Through [ profile] baiku, this IS something completely different, and quite worth watching... and it leaves me with just one question.

How do you mike a perfume atomizer, anyhow?

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers

new song

Aug. 14th, 2006 08:27 pm
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(Dontcha hate it/love it when a song grabs you when you're supposed to be doing something else, and refuses to go away?)

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Well, I was doing a mind numbingly repetitive task at work today, and decided to make it a little more tolerable by working on memorizing more lyrics at the same time. I've always loved Cheryl Wheeler's song Arrow, and ACat plays it very well, so I thought I'd work on that. I printed the lyrics and put in a couple hours off and on with that along with the files. As all so often I find happens, the lyrics started to mutate on me. I wouldn't count it as a filk, and it's not exactly a parody either, for all that I stole the tune. (And, for those who would ask, it does *not* reflect my mood!)

Warning: Arrow is a very melancholy love song. This is no love song, but...

Hawk's Lament )

Slow motion

Sep. 2nd, 2005 06:15 am
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I think half of the horror of Katrina's aftermath is that it's all in slow motion. Evacuations are slowed, even stopped, by people shooting at the rescuers. Looters have gone far beyond getting food and clothing and necessities of life (where the hell are they going to store a television set right now anyhow??) and are compounding the misery and horror tenfold. Resources are moving, but seemingly too little and too late for a lot of the people trapped in the nightmare, and from here how much better can I say I could have done it? What the hell can I do, besides give spare cash? It's a feeling of helplessness, even worse than 9/11. Imagine if the people trapped in the fires jumped from the buildings, and fell for four days, and we watched them fall, heard them screaming, and still couldn't do anything to save them...

No, I didn't sleep very well last night, why do you ask?

Anyhow, I'd like to recommend a filk Harold Feld wrote recently:

Now I need to get ready for work, where I will sit on my hands and wait for someone to eventually find something for me to do (curse of being too efficient, apparently), read news on the net and feel utterly useless.

EDIT: For those who asked, we came through just fine. We got a fair amount of rain and some fairly brisk winds, but it never got scary in our part of GA. Tornado sirens went off once, briefly, but nothing seems to have come of that. Thank you for being concerned, though!
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Not everyone who reads this is a filker, and not everyone who reads this is a City of Heroes addict player, so I've stuck this behind the cut tag. Still, it's the first song I've written in a VERY long time (with feedback and polishing help from ACat!), and I kinda like it.

Just how many people will actually go past the cut tag, I wonder? )
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I'm eyebrows deep in training for the new position, and I mentioned to ACat that "There must be fifty ways to do deductions" kept popping up in my head to the obvious tune, but I had no idea what to do with it. His response?

The answers are all inside your books, she said to me
They can be cooked if you'll just take it logically
I'd like to help you hide your money, clear and free
There must be 50 ways to do deductions

Just skim off the stack, Jack
Divert all the cash, Flash
Make a grab for the dough, Joe
Just leave it me

Just fudge on the sum, chum
If they audit you, play dumb
Keep your deposit Swiss, miss
And your interest is free

(The obvious tune, if it's not so obvious, is Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover)

I do love this man. Damn good thing, isn't it? *G*
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Although ultimately, it really isn't. Still, ACat got halfway through and I was rolling on the floor....
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It's really bad when a song you love becomes so entrenched in your head that you become desperate to get it OUT. It's worse when you try to replace it with a different song - and they merge into some hybrid horror that you STILL can't get out of your head, and you can't sing it, either.

I've been humming and singing Caledonia all damn day today, and most of yesterday, rather to coworkers' bemusement. In pure desperation I dug out a printout of Postmortem on Our Love - and now I've got some incomprehensible mishmash of the Postmortem lyrics trying to shoehorn themselves into some variation of the tune of Caledonia. Someone let me out of my braaaaaain......

(And please, don't suggest I turn it all into a filk. It's just not going that way!)
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ACat dragged this one up, and once we were both finished howling at it, I told him "If you don't post that, I'm going to." He promptly forwarded the URL to me, so...

It's all good, but specifically check out Terrifying Christian Recordings, and listen to Brady Bunch (Righteous Pop Music). ACat points out that many recognized religious songs shamelessly swiped popular tunes of the day when they were written, so perhaps, 200 years from now....
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Three posts in a day... I think I am tying my own record for this. I did mention I was trying to polish a song, yes? Well, I wrote a surprisingly ose song while I had a cold in England, and I've been fiddling and tinkering with it. (I didn't start out ose, believe me. It's one of those that wandered off on its own, leaving me to trail behind it. In fact, I think even by Erica Neely's definition, this is ose!)

Still curious? )
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A surprising number of filkers know the outstanding music of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, mostly because [ profile] spiritdance and her husband have been enthusiastic vectors for spreading that virus. I only met the folk duo once,when they performed earlier this year in New England, but they both impressed me as being wonderfully friendly, kind and interesting people, personally and professionally. They had been getting greater attention, had won considerable recognition, and as a singing partnership, they seemed poised just at the brink of everything paying off for them.
Two days ago Dave died in a hotel room of a heart attack, just shy of 50 years old from what I hear.
Any one who's heard and loved their music will know this is a tragedy. Any one who has met them will also grieve the death of someone who was just as extraordinary personally as professionally.
I used to do several of their songs pretty regularly at filks with my ex, but they've fallen out of my practice list by default over the past couple months. I need to get back to doing those, but last night Gafia listened to me stumble thruogh one of the very few filksongs I've written. In fact, I wrote it just about this time last year, and I like to think that if Dave Carter had written filk, it might be something like When We Go. Just for self indulgence, I think I'll post it. But I'll keep it behind the cut.

Read more... )

Dave believed in angels. I hope he's singing with them now.
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You ride, I'll drive, by sunset we'll be there... tell me every dream you ever your favorite song on the radio... someday you'll say, that's the best time I ever had.

Well, I DID have a very good time, in fact. Screen Door played at Eddie's Attic again last night. Why on a Thursday night? Damned if I know - Tom didn't even seem too sure himself, when I asked. The upside was that parking was much easier to find and the place was NOT jammed wall to wall, as it's been every other time we've seen them. So, we had a lovely treat on a Thursday night, and by the time we got home it felt like a weekend. Of course, that doesn't keep me from having to go into work today, but it's just one last day and then the real weekend, and then there will be lots more musical treats including 3 Weird Sisters at the celtic festival, and a housefilk! Happy ears....
(I also found out last night that after years of not drinking, it only takes two beers to put me to sleep these days?!? What, am I getting old or something?)

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