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May. 10th, 2007 07:14 am
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Well, I have the new job and I really like it. I've always said I'd rather be busy than bored, and this has that in spades. On the other hand, I have no time to read LJ at work any more, and by the time I get home I'm tired and skimming through stuff. I've recently found out I've somehow been missing reading chunks of posts and not even realizing it - if I've missed commenting on something important, please no one take it personally. It's not so much that my pants are bankrupt, but they are certainly on a very fixed income which may not stretch quite far enough some times (to mangle a metaphor past all reason...)
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Which is to say my pants are utterly bankrupt, but we're home. Got home and to bed a bit past one am this morning, in fact, and we're both up bright and early for work today. Gaaaaaah.

Consonance was a great con, though, and I'm glad we went. The family visit went quite well, too, so I am actually more enthusiastic about the whole thing than my fatigue addled expression would make anyone believe. If I missed anything I should know about since last Wednesday - anything exciting, anything happy, anything that would make me wake up enough to open my eyes wide and yell YOU DID WHAT? - let me know, ok?
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I looked casually at my friends list, and I have a lot of people there who I don't necessarily recognize. I certainly don't mind - I could probably count the number of friends locked posts that I have on one hand and the rest I consider are fair for anyone to read whether I know them or not. I'm also horrible with names and faces, so I really may know a lot of you better than I think! Anyhow, this is just a shout out - if you're reading my LJ, whether I'm married to you or you just happened to stumble in because you saw I made some weird comment on your partner's cousin's nanny's LJ, please say hi and how we might happen to know each other, and maybe introduce yourself! (And to be fair, ask me a question or two if you're trying to figure out who I am!)
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From my friends list, it looks like quite a few people sprang for the permanent account during the sale. The most common reason, when there was one mentioned, seemed to be the expanded number of icons. I've lost track of who all got one, but if anyone cares to speak up, I'd love to go peek at your huuuuge collection of icons and see the good stuff!
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How many are familiar with [ profile] milliways_bar? Hands, please?

Really? Wow. Well, it's an LJ role playing community that allows crossover of every fictional character you can conceive of in a self-contained bar at the end of the universe (yep, Douglas Adams reference!), and which tends to spawn some addictively readable characters and thread lines. When it works well - and it usually does - it's brilliant. I'm hooked, really hooked. Those of you who have already found out about it know what I mean. Those of you who haven't, give it a try.

Those of you who are familiar with Good Omens, or Firefly, or just would love to read a wonderfully evocative bit of roleplaying, may I suggest this bit to try? Even if you're iffy on the sort of thing as a rule, this is a lovely bit of writing.

If you find you'd like more of an overview of who hangs around, what's going on, and how it all works, I'd suggest [ profile] millichannel for daily thread summaries and links (the place is even more of a time sink than LJ as a whole) and this explanation of the workings and characters at the Bar at the End of the Universe. Great fun!


Jan. 17th, 2005 08:23 pm
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If you had a paid account at the time of the outage this weekend, apparently you are eligible for a free two week extention on your account. I call that nice customer service.

(And I wasn't even home this weekend, didn't even know about it until everything was back up! Wheeeee!)
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I just wanted to show off this great icon, courtesy of [ profile] lizbeth who has started making scads of great icons from Queen of Wands cartoons - see many of them here!
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Does anyone know how to change the Current Music field to something else, like Current Reading?

I don't have any current music, most of the time, but I always have something I'm in the middle of reading.
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Gahhh... my home computer has been getting increasingly flaky and strange over the last week or two. As of yesterday I declared it bad enough to need professional help, and it will get it, but it hasn't yet. I figured no huge deal - I have net access at work, and I can do LJ and any really urgent email from there. Unfortunately, I can read LJ and I can post LJ, but for whatever fricking idiot reason, I cannot comment on anyone else's LJ post - at least, the last 7 attempts all refused to work. This particularly sucks as there were several posts about this weekend from the other people involved and I can't comment on them! Grrrrr!

Please all consider yourselves hugged and snuggled? ***sigh**
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I have been (as may have been noted) experimenting with different styles for the LJ pages here, mostly when I'm screaming bored at work. Does it really make a big difference in download time for people? I think I'm going back to the original, simplest style, at least for now, since I'd rather have it easily accessible. I don't know if anyone has noticed the assorted different styles that have paraded through here recently (some for VERY brief times!) but anyone have a favorite?
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Everyone's doing it.... all the cool kids have one... you know you wanna...
Yup, I have succumbed, I am starting an LJ. However' I've never managed to keep a coherent and timely journal before, and I'm intentionally not setting myself up too high on this one. But... well, I've heard so many people go on about LJ, and missed half of a great many conversations by not being a part of it. I tend to be quiet and private (sounds better than shy and withdrawn!) but there are fun and interesting things around to share, and we'll just see how it goes!

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