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Some people have cats that come running when they hear an electric can opener.

Mine comes running when she hears an electric toothbrush.

Now, Jenna's only started this since we moved to the new apartment which has actual counter space by the sink, but she's figured out that if I'm using the toothbrush I have one hand busy, one hand free, and am pretty much a captive audience in front of the sink for a couple of minutes. As soon as that brush starts up, she's right by the sink nudging me to be petted with the free hand - she's got me well trained.

It's just too cute, but yeah... we're all weird around here. Smart weird (mostly) but weird.

I like it.
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Well, the insanity is officially done at work, at least for me. As of today I am back to working one job, for one manager, and the cleanup on the cluster... er, special project for the other department proceeds completely without me, including accounting for a large (and indeterminate) number of missing files. I like it that way. I got out of work after only working EIGHT HOURS today! On a Monday! I even took a lunch break! How decadent and slothful. ****pppppbbbbbbbbt**** I even ran out of things to do at work today, it's amazing.

Back at home we have just under two weeks until the move, however, and I'm at the point where I'm ready to start simplifying my life with a flamethrower. The apartment is overrun with full boxes, empty boxes, piles of stuff, and half packed clutter which drives me nuts. There's very little left to pack that won't actually be used before we go, though, so blitzing through that doesn't make much sense either.

The upshot is that ACat and I are sitting at home in the middle of a halfpacked yard sale, and our lives feel like we're marking time - mostly because we are. We both seem to be a little down, a little unsettled, a little too quiet. I finally have the energy to realize that I feel like every thing is on hold, and I miss people. Me, the introvert. (A cynical corner of my mind wonders if this is because nearly all the books are packed. Shut up, you.)

Still, I do miss folks and while it's not quite the same I should finally have at least time to catch up on LJ. I'm looking forward to the July filk, too! (And I'm still planning some kind of housewarming thingie once we're unpacked. Yeeeeah, how long do you suppose *that* will take?)
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I just realized how long it's been since I posted, but I really am still alive.

Packing proceeds. I'm not sure where we stand as a fraction of the total, but I think we're doing pretty well, since we are moving 3 weekends from now. There are stacks of filled boxes, mostly in the bedroom. The main thing is not packing things we'll need still.

In fact, I planned to pack a whole lot more this weekend, but our airconditioning has been out. Maintenance keeps coming and fiddling with it, and it will be better for a while, but... he says we have a leak. I don't like the sound of that. No airconditioning in summer in Georgia is somewhat less than a joke - last I checked it was 95 degrees outside. Dunno what it is inside. We keep resolving to just open the windows and at least get some breeze, and then he comes and fiddles and it gets a little bit better for a little while. ACat's playing WoW, and I understand the game's addictive but the computer room's the hottest spot in the house. *shrug*

Against all sense, I am baking the birthday cake for ACat anyhow. Tomorrow, he catches up to me again, at least until next April. Sadly, tomorrow I have an 11 hour workday, so today I bake.

Work continues to be most aggravating, but the worst should be over after this week. I am splitting my time between two high profile, high priority projects for two mangers. They are not playing nicely together. I am not happy with what that means to me. Eh.... still beats the hell out of ADP, *and* it pays better! (Yes, that DOES help my mood! Hell, that fact's what's letting us move in the first place.)

Aphelion is having another flash fic contest - 9 good stories under 1000 words, read them and vote. You don't even have to register, though if you do you can get in on the fun with the next one! (One is mine. Won't tell you which one. It's not the best one.)

Now I go away again to melt quietly by a fan with a book. Come and visit, and we'll share the cake and ice cream.
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I am currently waiting for the rain to start so I can go run around in it like a mad thing. I used to do that a lot, it used to be fun. I currently look like the losing end of an epic battle with a horde of mad dust bunnies (maybe rabid, definitely pissed off) because I have been packing books. And more books. And moving around the boxes of books already packed.

We are not moving until the end of July. I started out justifying this as the fact that however early you start packing, it's never done in time, so I should really at least pack up the books. I think it's mutated into some sort of coping strategy to deal with months of transition betwee "we live here" and "we live there", when I don't even know yet where there is. (I don't do transitions and change and in between stages very well.) Whatever the reason, we have a wall of boxes of books in the bedroom now which will certainly surprise the cleaning service tomorrow, and many clots of grey dust drifting and sticking and drifting some more. I think some running around in the rain like a ten year old sounds like a really good idea, if only the rain will break.

(Remember, this is Georgia. I would probably not be planning this for the beginning of April if I were still in NH, but here it's actually very reasonable!)
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For my birthday last year I asked for and got a 3" 3lb density queen sized memory foam mattress topper. I like it and sleep well on it, but very strong circumstancial evidence suggests that it makes ACat's back problems worse. If no one speaks for it I'll put it up on Freecycle but I thought I'd offer it to friends first. I can't very well ship it - it's quite bulky and I have no way to compress it to the level the factory did - but any one who can pick it up in Alpharetta is welcome to it.
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We've been pulling out of a financial hole slowly and steadily over the last six or so months. We actually have been batting around the idea of stretching ourselves enough to achieve any ONE of several possible fun things, possiblities which included Concertino, or travel, or one of several possible spiffy things for ACat's Bday.

Unfortunately, shit happens, and it's really not anything to blame anyone for.

$500 in unexpected emergency expenses this weekend make all of that reeeeally unlikely, short of winning lotteries that we don't actually enter. *sigh* This is all just a really good reminder that we need to get OUT of debt, and establish a cash reserve for crap exactly like this. Part of it was a very simple, unexpected accident which ACat is still castigating himself for, most of it is just computers crap the bed every so often.

Still... lots of little things are likely to be cut back for a bit, and Concertino is no longer a hope. Sorry to all who we talked to about it being maaaaaybe possible. :(

EDIT: Sorry for alarming people - not an auto accident at all, but ACat's very necessary cellphone getting crunched, and then his video card dying spectacularly. Not even remotely dangerous, just frickin expensive. Please, please don't jinx us. *G*


Feb. 10th, 2006 12:24 pm
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Right, just the perfect ending to this week. I went home for lunch, got my lunch out of the fridge, nuked it and sat down at the computer to eat.

There's this... odd... noise suddenly coming from the kitchen, so I go and look, and find out via soaked socks that there's now at least a half inch of WATER all over the kitchen floor that wasn't there fifteen minutes ago. Spiffy - the water heater's busted something. Dry socks, abandoned lunch, running down the hill to the complex office because I don't know their freaking phone number. Fortunately someone's there who takes my huffing, puffing explanation seriously and calls maintenance right away. I trudge back up the hill rather more slowly and call ACat to let him know what's going on and that I plan to extend lunch until I can at least be sure this will be taken care of - I LIKE my hot showers. The maintenance guy, bless his heart, showed up in the middle of the call and told me I should have just turned off the water heater. Well, fine - show me where for next time, cause I'm damned if I was going to mess with a bad situation and make it worse when I really was NOT sure which thing to turn in there! Anyhow, he turned it off and promised to fix it today, but it will apparently take time to drain it and fix it and all, so I mopped up the kitchen best I could, left a pile of sopping towels in the corner and came back to work after gulping my cold-again pizza.

So, final score is: wish the water heater hadn't DONE this, immensely glad it did it while I was THERE, and very glad (for once) that we live in an apartment complex where I can just go and complain and have someone else fix it. (Also had a mildly amusing conversation with the guy about why I wasn't a male - my husband is the only name on the lease. It seemed to confuse him.)

Can I please just have this entire week drop out of my life, please? I don't wanna be a goddamn grownup.
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I have a spiffy new computer desk! And the snake has a cleaner perch! And the houseguesting harp has a hat! (And by no means least, my shoulder stopped hurting after nearly six months, hurrah for keyboard trays! (And boo for it taking six months to figure that out, and no thanks to doctors!))

Big damn photos back here, courtesy of ACat )
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A year, maybe a year and a half ago, a dear friend who shall remain nameless dropped an open bottle of a pink yogurt type drink on the rug in the middle of our living room. Miraculously, nearly none of it got on the rug and with great relief she believed she'd avoided making a regrettable mess of our home.

An hour or two later I got home and gave her a hug - then looked over her shoulder and asked "What's the pink stuff on the wall?" Somehow, no one knows how, the bottle had hit the rug bottom first and apparently sprayed pink drops at high velocity and a hand grenade type trajectory everywhere BUT the rug.

Everywhere. Traces have been found in every room of the house now but the bathroom. It couldn't be reproduced if we tried.

It's become a standing joke, really. We have cheap, soft walls and there's no good way to clean them up short of painting. The pink comes out, but a scuff stays behind. Still, most of it's been slowly cleaned up - over the past year and a half. The part I really find absurdly funny, though, is that I'm *still* finding patches that have been missed. Every month or so, I'll look at some spot and start laughing, because it has pink spots. The blinds, the heating duct grille, the lamp... and now the bottom few inches of the bedroom door. I have no idea how none of us saw it before. It's been well over a year, and each time I spot a spot, I clean it up and go looking for more. I saw a handful of pink speckles on the door tonight that I had missed for some reason, and started laughing helplessly. I told ACat why I was laughing, and he grinned and asked if I was *sure* it wasn't an alien invasion which was reproducing in our apartment.

Maybe it is. Anyone want to come with me to introduce my pink spotted door to our leaders?
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The good: I had been scheduled for a week long training class down in Northside in a couple weeks. This would have required me to get up at an indecent hour of the morning to either battle Atlanta rush hour traffic all the way there, or a smaller portion of rush hour traffic in order to take the Marta train there and arrive by 9 am, and then the reverse home. This has been cancelled in favor of either a virtual class in smaller chunks over a longer time (my preference) or another face to face class HERE rather than there sometime in August. I am MUCH relieved.

The bad: A couple nights ago I had what sure looks like a migraine in retrospect - I earnestly pray to whoever may give a damn that I never have that again. I came home from work and became unconcious as quickly as possible, then spent most of the next day feeling like I had a hangover worthy of a five day drunk. Gahhhhhh. Much better now, though, but some people have these regularly and still function? I'm cringing considering it. I do wish I had some idea what caused it, and it's a damn good thing it happened when it did and not last night, or I'd never have gotten through today which has been insanely busy until now.

The silly: Dayna has laryngitis, or at least sounds like it. She seems perfectly healthy otherwise and not at all in distress, but now we have a little black kitty imperiously demanding attention with a sound like a broken noisemaker (you know, the kind you grab by the handle and whirl around to make a grinding clicking noise) so ACat will hopefully have called the vet today to ask if we should be concerned.

The sillier: [ profile] telynor is borrowing my car this week, so she's driving me to work and picking me up most evenings. This morning we were leaving the apartment complex and happened to drive by an enormous mulcher on a truck - I don't remember the company name, something or other Mulchers. We have a running gag about how much I love to mulch people who deserve it (hey, It's a short list, and I'm ecologically minded!) so as we came up on it we both cracked grins, then I pressed my face up on the window as we passed like a fascinated puppy, crooning "Mulcher! It's a MULCHER!" and getting veeeery strange looks from one of the men using it to, well, mulch some sort of reddish wood stuff and leave piles around for the landscaping. Telynor was in near hysterics, and we kept riffing off it for a good five minutes - Night of the Living Mulcher, Dawn of the Mulchers (the sequel), and all sorts of classic C horror movie titles.

Laughter's a lovely way to start the day, and she's a lovely person to be able to laugh with. :)
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Well, ACat and I have both been a little grumpy for the last day or so, and we aren't sure why. We were both short on sleep, but we've caught up on that as of last night at least. (His sleep schedule got fractured by having to go into work at 1 am Thursday night to do maintenance.) I got a nice long talk with [ profile] maedbh7 last night which cheered me considerably, but ACat was tired and unsocial, so that was less help to him. We did have fun making plans for her planned visit here in April, though - we're all psyched about going to the Georgia Renfest, which we've never been to before. It sounds like quite a lot of fun, and we'd meant to go last year. The cats, on the other hand, are being more social and Jenna's taken to sleeping on the bed with us. Well, hanging out on the bed while we're trying to sleep, at least - she's a bit too active about it, wiggling and writhing and wanting to be petted, but she settles down and she's a very sweet kitty. Dayna's still hissing at her, but they're both out and about the apartment now during the day and Jenna seems to mostly ignore the hissing, so I suppose it's no matter. :)

Anyhow, this morning I managed to make ACat laugh a few times, called it an accomplishment, and actually hauled my ass out of the house and over to the exercise room and did about 25 minutes on an exercise bike, which is good - I was a little intimidated by the seriously exercising guys who were down there, but I did my time anyhow. I had planned on dragging him out of the house for a nice rambly walk, but it was raining last night and again this morning. I think that might have been part of the joint melancholy mood, but who knows. Anyhow, we're gradually perking up as the weather improves, and if we don't go walking today maybe we will tomorrow. In the meantime I'm having an old fashioned "cooking as mood therapy" weekend, and I have a spinach and cottage cheese pie in the oven now. It smells pretty good, and will make a tasty lunch. After, I'm virtuously getting the shopping out of the way and trying to keep it light since we're slightly tight on cash until pay day, but I am getting things to make a cheesecake and trying out a Chicken Parmesean recipe that ACat got from his sister. I like cooking, when I'm not doing it to scramble together dinner after work. Even then it can be enjoyable, but weekends are when I can consider what do I feel like doing rather than what can I throw together when I get home at quarter past eight so we can eat before nine.

See what marvelously exciting weekends we have? Next, taking out the trash....
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Right - it's been too long and too busy and I can't really do a good job going back and describing the past month or so, but the longer I leave this the more intimidating it will be and the more I'll procrastinate. I'll break it down a bit, though, and I hope anyone who feels left out or shorted will forgive me.

Long, long ago... )


Nov. 17th, 2003 09:52 am
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This is my first day with my new, later, post-training shift and it feels WEIRD. I keep fidgeting and looking at the clock because I feel desperately late to work. I used to do this shift all the time. In fact, I used to have a shift later than this. (That was quite a while back, but...) I'll get used to it, but right now the inside of my head itches and my feet keep wanting to run out the door. ACat and I are also working out a rearrangement of work here, since I'm now not getting out of work until 8 and he'll be home 2 hours earlier than I will. He cooks perfectly well, and has always been happy to give me a break when I wanted one, but now he'll be cooking most of the dinners during the week, which is a bit more complicated since I'm back on diet (no, really this time!) and he's not - yet. I'll probably take over dishes in recompense, since that's been the ongoing tradeoff anyhow. I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. :)

In the meantime, I'm twitchy about the whole day solo, but I know I can do it. I'm just twitchy, and DOING it will help with that. Each day, a little easier. (If I repeat it enough, it will get through from the brain to the body, right???)

Parting words of wisdom - Neverwhere is a marvelous, marvelous TV show. It's brilliantly cast, beautifully written, fascinating to watch. DON'T watch it just before bed, or Croup and Vandemar will jump out from behind you with large knives, smirking and yelling BOO! Poor ACat! I don't think I've ever managed to wake him up with one of my rare nightmares before, but I think I nearly shoved him out of bed this time!
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Just a few bits and pieces, because I'm still here but I still don't have a whole lot interesting to say.

They didn't make it in time for Protection from Porn week, but our Queen of Wands Tshirts came in today and I love them! They have this on the fronts - white on black for ACat, white on gray for mine:

Work is going well - took my first calls today, with someone sitting and prompting me at nearly every turn but I did. I'll have backup for the rest of the week, then next week I'm on my own and watch out! (End of the year training then, too.... headfirst into the firestorm, to hear the rest of them. We're getting temps in, too, for about a month. I'm finding it much more pleasant to be on this side of that equation this time.) I do still like this job, but I'm still in a weird headspace that veers drastically and rapidly from "This is too easy for what they're paying me for it" and "This has toooooo much detail, I can't do this, I'm gonna screw it up." I know perfectly well that it's somewhere between, but the extended training period, without any real tests or ways to check how well I'm assimilating what I'm learning, or if indeed I'm learning anything at all or just nodding and going UH HUH leaves me feeling very insecure. Taking the calls is helping a bit - I do need a lot of prompting, but I can feel things sliding into place, and this makes me feel much better. The much, much nicer paychecks don't hurt either. >:)

We have a cat now - Dayna, the cat ACat has in his icon. She's a sweet kitty, but since she's always been indoor-only, apparently she never got fixed. Apparently she's in heat. Apparently she's getting fixed damn quick when she's done. Cats in heat are damn annoying. Ap-PAR-rently! (Sorry, gratuitous Coupling reference. Oh yeah, we got the second season on DVD, too! Much Fun!)

ACat finished all the major location moving for work as of tonight - at least, I think so. The office remains to go, but that should be doable without him being dragged out of his comfy bed next to me, and off to the office to do midnight moving madness. I think I'm almost as happy about that as he is.

The con crud is essentially gone, FINALLY, but the cough lingers. If it lingers past this weekend, I'm going to the damn doctor's to get Something Done. I dunno what, but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. No kidding.

Off to bed!
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The very beginning of fall is a lovely, mellow time here, and tonight is a perfect example. ACat and I spontaneously decided that it was a perfect evening for going for a walk after dinner, so we wandered out the door with no particular destination in mind. We ambled down to the end of the street and noticed off to the right that the road we'd joined was blocked off and ended in a neglected looking cul de sac, very woody and mysterious looking in the lengthening light.

Well, we both like the woods and thought we'd go see what was down there, so we wandered on down to see what was what. At first it looked impassable - heavy overgrowth, lots of thorny bushes and weeds - but I happened to look a little further off to one corner and... hmmm. There's a little bit of clearing here, between the trees and the bramble bushes. No, look - there's a bit of a track. Interesting!

So we walk in, figuring it can't go anywhere, but it goes on through the tall weeds... and then it widens, and clears out a little bit (still things growing in from the sides and the occasional overreaching bramblebush, but remarkably clear) and draws us on. It runs a bit more, completely (miraculously) free of any trash or human sign, and becomes a pleasant little woody path which shortly leads by a decent sized lake - ah ha, there's the lake Lakeside is named for. Guess they didn't just fill it in for another business complex! But in about 5 minutes walking, we're standing at the edge of a lovely little lake in gathering twilight with only crickets for noise, the sunset staining the sky, and a few lights across the lake to show we're not miles from nowhere, instead of less than a half dozen blocks from home. I kept expecting some woodland De Lint creature to pop arond a tree and pull us into an adventure. It was beautiful, the more so for being so unexpected.

It was a lovely and gentle magic.
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Gahhh... my home computer has been getting increasingly flaky and strange over the last week or two. As of yesterday I declared it bad enough to need professional help, and it will get it, but it hasn't yet. I figured no huge deal - I have net access at work, and I can do LJ and any really urgent email from there. Unfortunately, I can read LJ and I can post LJ, but for whatever fricking idiot reason, I cannot comment on anyone else's LJ post - at least, the last 7 attempts all refused to work. This particularly sucks as there were several posts about this weekend from the other people involved and I can't comment on them! Grrrrr!

Please all consider yourselves hugged and snuggled? ***sigh**
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Ok, I'm just starting my day at work and one co-worker is attacking another, who is laughing hysterically, with a stuffed cat. It's good to see someone enjoying their.... work. (Actually, they're a regular comedy team here, and often one of the good points of the job. *G*)

ACat is, hopefully, still sound asleep, or at least trying to be. He was up to 3:30 AM doing work from his home computer, and it looks like he also got a big chunk more done on our book cataloging project. He got some nifty software for making a database of our books, and since we picked up a nice box full of them at the Book Nook this weekend, this is the time to start cataloging them if we're going to. We're both book fiends, so better to get this started before we start REALLY expanding the library. Once we get a handheld scanner this is going to go FAST, but in the meantime it looks like he's taken the total entered up to about 170. Busy, busy - and very tired. :) I don't know if he was truly even awake enough to register being kissed goodbye when I left for work.

Having put up that meme yesterday, I've gotten several flattering and thoughtful replies. I'm finding I don't quite know how to respond to them, though - it's odd. I'm not sure quite why it's so difficult, but it feels like it's rude not to. Silly of me! I'll try to get to them some time today, anyhow.

Does anyone else find that the web method of journal entry randomly snips off the last character or two on most entries? It's rather irritating, but not quite predictable enough to compensate for. Bah..


Jul. 25th, 2002 09:22 pm
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Although [ profile] autographedcat has been here a few months longer than I have, the furniture was very minimal when I moved in. I brought very little myself, and no furniture at all, since I had reduced everything I owned to what would fit in a Mitsubishi Mirage and still leave comfortable room for two adults (one of them over 6 feet tall!) to drive from NH to GA.
We've slowly accumulated a few pictures, and some bits of furniture due to various friends - a computer table, a couch, bedside tables, a bureau - but thanks to [ profile] telynor we've just acquired the last few bits to make this place feel furnished. We now have a larger bed (queen sized, wheeeee!), another dresser (with a pair of mirrors) and - A BIG BOOKCASE!
Yep, that's what was missing. It's an entertainment center style setup, so the TV is surrounded by and properly cowed by rows and piles of books, as it should be. We both have taken to breaking out in spontaneous grins and smirks whenever we happen to walk into the living room and see it. We've rearranged the books and stuff several times each, I think. I suppose this says a lot about us, but we agree that it seems to be what this place needed to make it feel settled and finished - a BIG BOOKCASE, now crammed with all the books that had no homes! I do hate moving, but nesting can be a subtle pleasure in itself.

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