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Hearing the stunning crack of thunder and running outside in a bathrobe and bare feet (at 6:30 am on November 22nd!) to stand and grin like a lunatic at the RAIN!

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At the moment, airconditioning. Oh, boy, am I thankful for airconditioning. Local conditions are predicted to be at least 100 degrees by the thermometer and anywhere up to 110 including the heat index, likely breaking records. I am MASSIVELY grateful to be out of our old apartment, where the air conditioning kept breaking down over and over again. Our company's 10th anniversary celebrations at various locations are scheduled all this week, almost all of them outside, and are they being called on account of heat? Oh no... so, I am sitting here today and eating whatever I have stashed at my desk in preference to going out and driving 20 minutes for a very nice free picnic lunch. I suspect a lot of people are making that choice today.

It's all ACat's fault that this is stuck in my head, but today it feels all too right:
The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
A gigantic nuclear furnace
Where Hydrogen is built into Helium
At a temperature of millions of degrees...
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I am currently waiting for the rain to start so I can go run around in it like a mad thing. I used to do that a lot, it used to be fun. I currently look like the losing end of an epic battle with a horde of mad dust bunnies (maybe rabid, definitely pissed off) because I have been packing books. And more books. And moving around the boxes of books already packed.

We are not moving until the end of July. I started out justifying this as the fact that however early you start packing, it's never done in time, so I should really at least pack up the books. I think it's mutated into some sort of coping strategy to deal with months of transition betwee "we live here" and "we live there", when I don't even know yet where there is. (I don't do transitions and change and in between stages very well.) Whatever the reason, we have a wall of boxes of books in the bedroom now which will certainly surprise the cleaning service tomorrow, and many clots of grey dust drifting and sticking and drifting some more. I think some running around in the rain like a ten year old sounds like a really good idea, if only the rain will break.

(Remember, this is Georgia. I would probably not be planning this for the beginning of April if I were still in NH, but here it's actually very reasonable!)
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So, apparently this is supposed to be the worst year for pollen and hayfever around here in decades. This is both unsurprising (everything has a coat of dusty yellow) and good to know, since now that the Nasonex has (thankfully!) stopped the nosebleeds and the desperate desire to simply CUT MY NOSE OFF RIGHT NOW WITH MY NAILCLIPPERS I DON'T CARE, I tend to overlook that I get a lot of other, more subtle symptoms of hayfever, too. This was vividly illustrated to me today when we finally got a good rainstorm, and even fully medicated and inside my airconditioned office building I could feel the difference - my eyes stopped itching, my throat stopped feeling swollen, my SKIN stopped itching all over,and my concentration and energy levels immediately started to to improve.

Georgia is beautiful in the spring, but she's trying to kill us all with yellow lung disease.
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I just realized I never did say I'm done with my physical therapy. I've spent enough time griping, I ought to be telling all the patient people that YES, I am DONE! My doctor signed off on my progress on March 31st, so I have two more months doing my exercises on my own, and then one more appointment where he'll tell me I'm done all the way. It's great, it's absolutely amazing, there were times where I figured I'd never have this much motion on that arm again, and my strength is what I'm working on building now. Anyone want help moving anything? :)

My only gripe now is hayfever. When the pollen meter consistently tells you that on a scale of one to twelve, you're breathing in air with eleven plus concentrations of pollen you know you're in Georgia in the springtime. Nasonex is keeping me sane and nosebleed free, so my gripes are really pretty minimal this year - mostly just chronic exhaustion. I was amused, when I went out to lunch, to see perfect clusters of fingerprints dusted in yellow pollen around the edge and on the window of my driver side door. I've been printed!
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That was a good Tday, a really good one. ACat and I went and had Thanksgiving with [ profile] joyuse13 and her charming husband [ profile] abovenyquist at their gorgeous home, along with our mutual friend [ profile] curiousmay9. In fact, the weather was so nice we ate out on their newly renovated (ok, mid-renovations, technically) deck and it was gorgeous. I had fun playing in their excellent kitchen and the food appeared to be a hit, so I am inordinately pleased at how well it went. We got there just before noon and left about ten, and the time was full of food, talk, music, a walk in the unseasonally warm weather (even for GA!), and Christmas tree assembly and decoration. [ profile] joyeuse13 has posted the photos, but between the food and the company and the unexpected Thanksgiving picnic, I think this was one of my best Thanksgivings ever.

Today's probably the first time I can remember having the day after Tday off, so I'm using the time for a doctor's appointment and a lunchdate with my husband - by which time I just may be ready to eat again!
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I had meant to say, and I got sidetracked - today I'm wearing the lovely new sweater that [ profile] telynor made for me. It's big and cozy and a gorgeous sort of puplish rose color and I just love it. Georgia has finally hit just the right temperature for it, and it's wonderful.

It also comes with an unexpected bonus - she apparently knitted in many long strands of her own hair, quite by accident. I'm odd, I'm sure, but it's a nice reminder that it's handmade with care and comes from her.
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This week I've been more eager than usual to identify myself as a Damn Yankee from Massachusetts, even if I do live in Georgia. There's the presidential election... well, enough and more than enough's been said on that. I voted, I got outvoted. People presumably voted how they thought best, and there's the end to that, at least for the time being. This is a story that never does end.

I'm actually more ashamed of the passing of the Marriage Protection bill, however it was named - Question One. It wasn't asking anyone to give any extra rights to anybody, it was merely asking whether people chose to leave things as they were or if people would choose to gratutiously slap people in the face to say no to a question that had not even been asked yet. ACat points out, quite correctly, that as much as anything it's to allow GA to explicitly deny the customary "full faith and credit" constitutional clause as far as it applies to other states who have legalized same sex marriage. Fulton county, where we cast our votes, is apparently flamingly liberal by GA standards. We were only sixty something percent in favor, as opposed to the eighty to ninety something percent most GA counties voted in favor of it by. Gee.

Anyhow, I happened to be looking through bookmarks tonight, and bumped into this, just thought I'd like to put it up - somehow it's accreted a chunk of what I was thinking about on the way home from work around it.

Five cents worth of rambling rant.... we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Jury duty

Jun. 22nd, 2004 07:48 pm
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A month or so ago I got a summons to Jury Duty, the first I've ever gotten in any state. So I dutifully hauled myself out of bed and to the Atlanta court bright and early yesterday morning to do my Duty. It turned out to be a lot of hurryup-and-wait, but it had some very interesting aspects, too. Certainly Jury Duty makes for some fascinating people watching. By the nature of the thing you have a very wide cross-section of society, all up damn early to haul themselves down to the court by quarter past eight.
Possibly more detail than you care to know about the Jury Duty process for the Superior Court of Georgia )
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An ice cream truck - actually, SUV playing Oh Suzanna in the typical ice cream truck style, with magnetic looking signs on the side showing the ice cream treats and prices - drives through your apartment complex trolling for customers on December 7th.
I don't know if anyone's buying, he didn't seem to slow down much. None of the kids seem to be out just now. I'm tempted to chase him down just to see if he'll stop.
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The very beginning of fall is a lovely, mellow time here, and tonight is a perfect example. ACat and I spontaneously decided that it was a perfect evening for going for a walk after dinner, so we wandered out the door with no particular destination in mind. We ambled down to the end of the street and noticed off to the right that the road we'd joined was blocked off and ended in a neglected looking cul de sac, very woody and mysterious looking in the lengthening light.

Well, we both like the woods and thought we'd go see what was down there, so we wandered on down to see what was what. At first it looked impassable - heavy overgrowth, lots of thorny bushes and weeds - but I happened to look a little further off to one corner and... hmmm. There's a little bit of clearing here, between the trees and the bramble bushes. No, look - there's a bit of a track. Interesting!

So we walk in, figuring it can't go anywhere, but it goes on through the tall weeds... and then it widens, and clears out a little bit (still things growing in from the sides and the occasional overreaching bramblebush, but remarkably clear) and draws us on. It runs a bit more, completely (miraculously) free of any trash or human sign, and becomes a pleasant little woody path which shortly leads by a decent sized lake - ah ha, there's the lake Lakeside is named for. Guess they didn't just fill it in for another business complex! But in about 5 minutes walking, we're standing at the edge of a lovely little lake in gathering twilight with only crickets for noise, the sunset staining the sky, and a few lights across the lake to show we're not miles from nowhere, instead of less than a half dozen blocks from home. I kept expecting some woodland De Lint creature to pop arond a tree and pull us into an adventure. It was beautiful, the more so for being so unexpected.

It was a lovely and gentle magic.
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I've been thinking more about the incident I posted about yesterday.

possibly more information than you wanted to know on the subject )
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I live and work in the South now. I'm a Damn Yankee to my coworkers, though they are polite about it. I know perfectly well that my lifestyle, were I dumb enough to talk about it at work, would label me a freak and a deviant.

Right. So, I'm sitting here quietly sick and furious at myself after the discussion that was underway when I came in. NYC has opened a high school for GLBT students. The consensus in this department, with NOT ONE DISSENTING VOICE, is apparently that not only is this ridiculous, but "those people" should take the consequences of their choice of sexuality, and having children exposed to homosexuals will only corrupt them and cause them to be homosexual. Further (and coming from a half dozen black women, this seems the cream of it to me), "People should live with the laws as they are and not try to get new ones made to give them any more rights." They consider themselves very progressive for allowing "those people" to do what they want in their own homes, as long as they don't have kids or in any way affect the upbringing of any kids, since everyone knows that's what makes kids gay, and that's a terrible thing to any right thinking Christian.

I'm not making any of this up, and I don't know if I'm angrier at them, or at myself for sitting here and shutting up. Mostly I feel sick. I genuinely think that if I made the comments I made above, it would start a shitstorm that would end in me apologizing for everything I said (that I believed, and that would make me more sick than just not talking), or being fired for making trouble and being "racist".

I like these people, though I was considering just yesterday how none of them really feel like friends. Some of this was coming from the one person here that I seriously respect. I knew I didn't fit here - I had not had my face slammed into it quite so hard before, though.
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As I pulled into the parking lot at work this morning, I noticed the overcast sky was getting darker and it looked like rain. That appears to be nothing uncommon for GA in March, though I thought it was too bad that the recent streak of gorgeous spring weather was coming to an end. Then I noticed something strange as I pulled into a parking spot.


Swirls of snow blowing through the air, across the windshield, in little drifts down the road.

In Georgia. In March.

Ok, obviously it wasn't snow, but it was an amazing imitation. Scores of trees had lost their white blossoms overnight, and there were eddies and drifts and flurries in the wind of these tiny snowy white petals everywhere. They looked just like big, fat snowflakes until I could look closely at them, and the illusion was absolutely surreal. Walking to the building was even more so, as they scudded by in the gutters and across the grass while I walked through the cool, humid spring morning.

Everyone's day can use a little beautiful surrealism.
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When I moved to GA last year - in fact, even before, while I was still just visiting monthly - ACat and I had a list of fun sounding touristy things he was going to take me to see. Most of them he hadn't been to himself, since locals never seem to get to many tourist attractions, no matter where you live. At the time, though, we were short on cash and most of our entertainment that summer was at home, in the pool. This year we've dug ourself pretty much out of the hole we were jointly in, and some of these ideas have come up again. [ profile] telynor went to Atlanta Zoo with her son for his birthday recently, and from all reports it sounded great, so guess what made the top of the new list?

We had a great time! )

Sound off!

Jan. 27th, 2003 12:19 pm
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I moved from NH to GA in the middle of last May, and got some curious comments about my accent from coworkers when I started my current job. I was a bit amused by that, because I have worked customer service almost all of my adult life, and done that over the phone for the last 7 or so, and I always get people commenting on my "accent" but no two of them ever guess the same place! I eventually concluded that I didn't have an accent and they were all projecting their ideas of what different accents sounded like, or else I was unconsciously picking up what I was hearing when talking with them.

So anyhow, [ profile] nrivkis mentioned to me at Gafilk that I was developing a southern accent, which startled me a little bit - I didn't sound any different to me - and I didn't think twice about it. Today, for the first time since I moved south, I had a customer mention on the phone that I had just such a lovely southern accent. Since she knew the call center is in Georgia, I'd just dismiss it as more of the same, but now I'm curious, not to mention self conscious! A fair number of people who read this talk to me regularly, and a few more don't but have talked to me since I moved.

Anyone willing to give me an opinion on this, folks? I'm just wondering

Time warp?

Nov. 10th, 2002 10:09 pm
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NOT that I'm complaining, mind you, but.... weather warm and fine enough to leave the windows open in NOVEMBER feels unnatural. Wow! It's enough to distract me from missing proper fall colors! I don't think I'll miss battling snowplows this year, either, though I may miss having a chance at really playing in the snow. On the whole, I think it's a fair tradeoff, and that's not even taking anything ELSE into account! *G*
Speaking of which, thanks to many, many, many of you who have sent good wishes and kind words and love since Friday - you all are the best of all possible friends, I have to say!
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I keep running into many little things that remind me I'm not where I used to be. Some of these may be north vs south, some may be small town vs cityish, some may be as simple as my old job vs my new job, some may just be me being a bit out of synch, as I so often am. But all that's really a subject for another post - that's not really what I meant to be gong on about here.
In the final few minutes before I left work today, one of the friendlier women there was chattering on about how she needed to have lower standards so she could find herself a man. She wants, quite seriously, someone over 6', "manly" (which she translated for me as aggressive), an engineer (though I suspect she'd settle for anyone with what she considers an equivalent high income), childless, 27-33 years old, and a pile of other things that escape me now. I was mostly just smiling and making amused comments and trying not to sound TOO amused. I mentioned I had a tall boyfriend myself, though that hadn't been one of my requirements. She babbled happily on for a few minutes, then suddenly asked me when I was getting married.
Um, I'm not. I told her this, and you would have thought I had told her I butcher babies for a hobby. She did try to be tactful, I'll give her points for that, but she honestly couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. When I asked her why I should, and added that I didn't want kids, so that wasn't a consideration, she was (momentarily!) speechless. I was saved by a last minute incoming call, but her explicitly repeated point was that if I was "fulfilling the role of a wife" (nice euphemism) then why ever wasn't I getting married and having kids? Was something WRONG?
Yep, this is the bible belt. I know it, and mostly overlook it. Many of my coworkers have biblical quotations up on their cubes, and I've deflected a few inquiries on religion. (In fairness, I was doing that back in NH anyhow, because that's one of the topics I find almost never stays a discussion - it degenerates into an argument.) On the other hand, I know more pagans here than I did there, and at least as many poly folks.
I guess my original point - I did have one! - was to wonder how many other people, wherever they are, have run into the default expectation of marriage and kids, and similar horrified what's-wrong-with-you reactions if they weren't interested? Is it regional thing? A generational thing? Just me?

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