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I went out for a walk this morning by myself - a habit I'm trying to cultivate, though early summer in Georgia is not the best time and place - and had a lovely, rambling walk through the overcast morning for perhaps three to four miles. I count that for a win in itself, but the real bonus is that if I hadn't had that long walk on that particular set of roads, I wouldn't have seen the garage sale just over thataway, and I would not have been able to come home, clean up, and go back with the car to pick up over twenty pieces of clothing for $20 in my size (which is hard to find in thrift shops!), including two nearly new silk suits, several pairs of good pants for work, a couple pairs of jeans, a number of very nice shirts and light sweaters for work, and other clothing to make this I-hate-clothes-shopping thrift store fan go SQUEEEE!

Turns out the nice lady holding the sale, who looks rather like my aunt Barb, had very sucessfully dieted herself out of most of her old wardrobe, and I hit the motherlode. I congratulated her very sincerely while building my pile. I can't begin to estimate the value of this stuff, other than to say multiple hundreds of dollars. Don't think I've ever walked away from a garage sale quite so happily loaded down!


Jun. 2nd, 2007 08:38 am
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Anyone who reads [ profile] autographedcat's journal knows about Aphelion, a monthly webzine which is the work of love of many people, including ACat and [ profile] hejira2006. It's not a paying market, but it IS an excellent place to share your writing and find good stuff to read, with lots of feedback and generally useful commentary. Not incidentally, the new issue just went up for this month!

It also, as of last month, has an occasional Flash Fiction challenge - 1000 words or less, with key items to work in. This is the very definition of a little pond at the moment (the first one had 5 entries and 9 votes!) but this month's issue announces that the first one went to - me! It's a small thing, but small things make me happy! Come check it out, and join in the fun!
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I was just eating lunch and reading Wicked when the supervisor from the department I had applied to came and asked me if I could come to a quick meeting. Well, now? Yes. Ok, sure!

So, it turns out that here they don't mail an offer letter - HR comes and gives it to you in person, at least if they can find you because you already temp there! HOT DAMN, I GOT THE JOB! Date of hire is officially 3/26, and I have to go for orientation and training and such, a lot of which will be slightly redundant for me, but who cares.

I am no longer a temp, wheeeeeeee!

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