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ACat and I are hosting the filk again this month, so if you'd like to come join the fun on Saturday, just let us know if you need directions. The last one was lots of fun, and I bet we can make it even better!


Feb. 10th, 2008 07:44 am
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We hosted the monthly filk last night, and much fun and junk food and music was had by all. It was a good time, you should have been there. (Unless you're one of the people who WAS there, in which case - zoooombies!) People cleared out about oneish, and we promptly fell over. Sadly, my brain (which I am NOT speaking to right now) insisted on waking me up at 6:30 ANYHOW.

Nap later. Dammit. But it was lots of fun and totally worth it and we're doing this again. But yeah, nap.
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Gafia's February filk will be at OUR place this time, wheee! Officially, the usual start time is 7 this Saturday, 2/9/08, but those showing up early will not be turned away, and those showing up late will simply be required to be next up in the singing. We're not providing dinner, but will provide some munchies and soda, and can direct to any number of nearby places to eat. (There's a good Greek place almost next door that I'd recommend!) Two cats, no indoor smoking, not childproofed, and glad to see you all. We do have a guest room that we've mentioned to several people but no one's spoken for it yet - let us know if you need any of our limited crash space and we'll welcome you! Email my LJ account or [ profile] autographedcat's for directions if needed.
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88 lines about 44 fangirls!

(the original was by The Nails, if you care to look for it, titled 88 Lines About 44 Women, and is also quite clever, but this just keeps breaking me up!)
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If you haven't heard yet that [ profile] cadhla is doing a new filk CD called Stars Fall Home, you're missing out on something wonderful. Her first CD, Pretty Little Dead Girl, was straight from a concert and sounded as solid as anything you might expect out of a studio. Now that this one's coming from a studio, it's going to have a full NEW serving of all the gorgeous melodies and harmonies, the excessively cool lyrics, AND all the advantages that a studio recording can have!

ACat and I have been preordered since roughly a day after preorders opened up. If this sounds even slightly interesting to you, I really recommend you preorder too - it's Good Stuff, some of the best.
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Today's been slammed busy - I was wrong, I'm doing the work of 4 people this week, not 3, but I like being busy and since I'm no longer exhausted this is actually fine with me. Still, I had some Dave and Tracy stuck in my head, and there's a filk fragment looking hopefully with big wistful eyes, hoping someone will make it a Real Song:

Ttto: Cat Eye Willie (I think – it’s the Dave and Tracy song)

Charlie Brown,
You can kick that ball,
Come on you blockhead!
You can still trust Lucy
And run to kick the football.
But you’re bound for another fall,
Cause she don’t really care at all,
And fooling you’s her favorite amusement.
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[ profile] vixyish is an outstanding song writer and performer with such excellent songs to her credit as this year's Pegasus nominee "The Girl That's Never Been" (you may notice she's nominated for Best Writer/Composer, too, and from that lineup that's gonna be a really tough one to pick who to vote for!) but the one that brings me to tears every time is "Mal's Song". Anyone who's ever heard the theme song for Firefly will recognize the chorus, and anyone who's ever loved the show will fall for this song hard and fast. It doesn't get much better.

But it can get a little better - not one but two fan videos got made around it. If you're a Firefly fan, definitely check them out, and enjoy.
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Fridays before long weekends shortcircut my brain and fry my concentration, but it really is rather pleasant.

One symptom (and cause!) is ever since before I woke up, I've had a thread of melody winding through my head assuring me that Sarah Tapper loves Harry Marshall, and that's a lie and that's a fact. [ profile] autographedcat and I just got our copy of the live CD [ profile] cadhla just got out with her fanfuckingtastic performance at OVFF in 2005! I could selfishly wish it was a DVD so we'd have the full show, complete with schtick and costume changes and really outrageous vamping, but it's already so addicting, catchy, mindwarping and outright gorgeous that I just can't get this out of my head.

Not that I really want to... but now my shortcircuited brain is trying to somehow intertwine Sycamore Tree (the above mentioned song) with Great Big Sea's Ordinary Day, and assure me that Sarah Tapper loves Harry Marshall, and at the end of the day you just have to say it's alright.

Anyone out there can tell me where my model brain's reset button is? This is quite entertaining, but I'm not getting aaaaany work done!

EDIT: ACat took it and ran, and has posted his actual filk of Sycamore Tree to the tune of Ordinary Day - Ordinary Tree, of course. Squeeeeee! (AND, extra bonus, Cadhla loves it! DOUBLE squee!)
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There are two new songs up at, for those that may be interested - particularly you, [ profile] nrivkis, since one of them is the challenge song for "Go fix that typo" ttto Don't Push That Button. :) Great art it's not - but it was fun. Thanks!
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Here's a meme that might actual generate content of use to folks, for some value of the word: For those of you who went to OVFF and are just too tired right now to do a proper report, what are three things that you particularly remember about the weekend? They don't have to be the very best, but three memorable bits, and between enough of us we may have a good con report to share.

For me, I'd say bearhugging Maedbh7 when I first saw her, Cadhla's brilliantly executed and choreographed on-stage quick change behind a sheet, and the pool party Sunday evening - we need more people for that next year, if only to warm up the pool!
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We're back from OVFF,and clearly need a vacation from our vacation. I'll try to get around to a proper con report sometime, but looking back at past sucesses on such things, don't hold your breath. I'll be pretty sketchy on catching up with LJ (No, I didn't use the business center for the purpose, though many others did) so if there's anything I should know, please sing out! (Keeping in mind that, yes, I do know about the brand new Glasser! Wheee!)

Slow motion

Sep. 2nd, 2005 06:15 am
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I think half of the horror of Katrina's aftermath is that it's all in slow motion. Evacuations are slowed, even stopped, by people shooting at the rescuers. Looters have gone far beyond getting food and clothing and necessities of life (where the hell are they going to store a television set right now anyhow??) and are compounding the misery and horror tenfold. Resources are moving, but seemingly too little and too late for a lot of the people trapped in the nightmare, and from here how much better can I say I could have done it? What the hell can I do, besides give spare cash? It's a feeling of helplessness, even worse than 9/11. Imagine if the people trapped in the fires jumped from the buildings, and fell for four days, and we watched them fall, heard them screaming, and still couldn't do anything to save them...

No, I didn't sleep very well last night, why do you ask?

Anyhow, I'd like to recommend a filk Harold Feld wrote recently:

Now I need to get ready for work, where I will sit on my hands and wait for someone to eventually find something for me to do (curse of being too efficient, apparently), read news on the net and feel utterly useless.

EDIT: For those who asked, we came through just fine. We got a fair amount of rain and some fairly brisk winds, but it never got scary in our part of GA. Tornado sirens went off once, briefly, but nothing seems to have come of that. Thank you for being concerned, though!
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Went to the filk last night at the very beautiful home of [ profile] joyeuse13 and her husband Aaron, had a great time, stayed up way later than my bedtime. Got home, went to be about twoish.... and woke up four hours later just in time for work. (And I am apparently SO tired I not only can't remember his LJ name, I can't recognize it on a friends list.)

It's Sunday. Go back to sleep.

No luck. Bahhhhh.... this will be a day for a nap, I think. But the filk was SO much fun. Met a bunch of very friendly new people, sang WAY more than I usually have the nerve to (not sure why), drank lots of caffiene (for that staying awake thing), sat in the car being a happy zombie while ACat drove us home. Want to do that again.

But please, right now, sleep, dammit. *sigh*
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I came in to work a bit ago, and was getting myself settled in when I swear I heard a faint female voice from across the floor singing "Batman's got an attitude, everybody takes him seriously..." I swear I heard it. So, intensely curious, I walked over and politely asked the only woman in that area if she'd been singing Arthur Curry

She looked at me very strangely and seemed somewhat abashed, and said she'd been singing the Batman theme song. I apologized, told her what I thought I'd heard (that first fragment), she shook her head and I beat a quick retreat. Now my mind's hallucinating random drive by filkers at work....
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Right, it's been months since I posted anything with actual content that wasn't about work. Time to make at least a token effort to catch up, because otherwise it gets harder and harder. At this point, all I can reasonably try for is a thumbnail of the summary of the outline of the highlights of the last couple months, but it's still gonna be long.

Year end and England )
Training and NJ! )
And now... )
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I'm eyebrows deep in training for the new position, and I mentioned to ACat that "There must be fifty ways to do deductions" kept popping up in my head to the obvious tune, but I had no idea what to do with it. His response?

The answers are all inside your books, she said to me
They can be cooked if you'll just take it logically
I'd like to help you hide your money, clear and free
There must be 50 ways to do deductions

Just skim off the stack, Jack
Divert all the cash, Flash
Make a grab for the dough, Joe
Just leave it me

Just fudge on the sum, chum
If they audit you, play dumb
Keep your deposit Swiss, miss
And your interest is free

(The obvious tune, if it's not so obvious, is Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover)

I do love this man. Damn good thing, isn't it? *G*


Jan. 10th, 2005 10:35 pm
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It was the best of weekends, it was the suckiest of Mondays. I haven't even made a token attempt at catching up on LJ yet, but I know if I don't do this now it just won't get done - and if you don't report on your own damn con, whose con should you report on?? (Is there anything from the weekend LJs that I really should know about? Anyone?)
Happy daze! )
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ACat and I are going to Worldcon/Noreascon in Boston in a couple weeks - who else will be there? Who'd like to get together and say HI!? We expect to come in Thursday afternoon, leaving Monday morning. I'm just curious who all will be there.
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I hate, I hate, I hate, I hate, I hate taxes. And payrolls. And paperwork. And feeling like I'd rather be anywhere in the world than where I am right now. But this too shall pass, it's just a day and really not such a bad one. I just feel right now that I'm turning into a tedious, gray second rate paperpusher, and if it weren't for the fact that I actually like my co-workers I'd just give up.

I don't know why this seems like such a particularly dire fate to me lately. Maybe it's just spring fever. Maybe it's just rebelling against being an adult - I guess I'd better be adult by now if I'm going to be at all, huh? I've had jobs I liked better, and jobs I despised. This is middle ground, really... but just this moment I feel like I'm only staying because I can't come up with what I consider an acceptable alternative to fill my own obligations otherwise. :( That's a dreary feeling.

On a rather brighter note, I've had This Island Earth stuck in my head for much of the morning. Not all of it, sadly, just splintered fragments. You know, pieces of chorus and bits of verses jabbing at my brain and distracting me from whatever I am supposed to be doing. I finally managed to run down the lyrics online, so at least I have a more COHERENT version of it stuck in my head now! *G* I do love that song.
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Well, I've been busy. Happy, exhausted, busy - the best kind.
Wanna hear about it? )

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