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About time I updated, don't you think?

[ profile] autographedcat actually logged most of what's been happening lately, including piles of photos, but here's the short(ish) version.

My not so exciting life - family, birthday, City of Heroes, Pride, work, family reunion, and photos photos photos! )
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I come from a family with a military tradition. My parents met in the Air Force, my little brother is a Marine and has been since shortly after he graduated from high school - he's made a career out of it, and will be eligible to retire in just a few years. I've never had the slightest inclination to go in the military - ACat can tell you I hate taking orders - but I'm proud of him.

By and large, I get the impression they're considerably more gung-ho than I am about the war our country is in the middle of, especially my brother. (I don't think anyone is rationally arguing that we are NOT still in a war.) I don't discuss politics with my family too much. I am fairly sure we're all voting for the same person in the next election, but I'm also pretty sure it's for a somewhat different set of reasons. We're not what you'd call a close or communicative family.

I probably should have posted this closer to Memorial Day, but I guess my two cents worth doesn't lose currency by being a few days later. Although I don't support the war we're in, I damn well do support the troops stuck fighting it. "Stuck" seems additionally appropriate given the expanded "stop-loss" program that's been initiated. I also wanted to mention again the Books For Soldiers program, which is probably even more important now.

Every one is entitled to their two cents worth, and that, just now, is mine.
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Return of the King was immensely long, but good enough to carry it. I like this "Let's go see a movie on Christmas Day" tradition we seem to have evolved.

On the other hand, it's funny - I don't miss my family particularly until I run into someone else's family being family in ways I don't recall my family particularly ever being, and then I get melancholy and ridiculous. ACat's theory is I miss THEIR family instead - he could be right. *G*

Next year we are going to actually get off our butts and take the trouble and time we never got around to this year, and do something to mark the season as something more than "The Cold Time When We Get Days Off Work". Not that days off work aren't nice, but... I think the unexpected family-missing thing triggered that too.

Anyhow, all in all, it was a very good Christmas, spent with friends and my sweetheart, and we're making our own traditions and our own family. May everyone else be as happy with their holidays.
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This is a happy, stuffed, tired, spoiled Kit. I got home from work and was whisked off to a delicious dinner out at an extravagant local resturaunt, then treated to an ice cream sunday at a very good creamery. After thoroughly spoiling me, ACat demanded to know what I wanted for my birthday (what, MORE?) and I hemmed and hawed and finally took him up on it. We've wanted a Tivo for a while, and now we have one - a bit extravagant, but hell, gadgets are fun! (And we keep forgetting the shows we actually want to watch when it's the right time for them!)

We got home and he started fiddling with that, while I took care of email and talked to my father, who wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday. (My mom actually visited this last Saturday night, on her way home to Arkansas, so she did her wishes and gifting then. Mom does neat gifts - I got a gorgeous, handpainted box with a leopard kitten on it, and it was filled with about six feet of a bean-stuffed boa constrictor!) Just after I hung up with dad, [ profile] quadrivium called to wish me a happy birthday and talk a little, which got big smiles as well.

So, now I'm catching up on LJ, listening to ACat be frustrated with Tivo's phone menus, and plotting to pounce him just as soon as he gets to a good stopping point.

Don't tell him. >:)
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Well, another relationship ritual has been met and passed - and enjoyably, at that. ACat's mom has been meaning to come visit for the past several weekends but threatened snow kept making her reschedule - some of the trip is through a rather high mountain pass, plus it's a LONG car ride. She did make it down this weekend, though, and the funny thing is that I was less nervous about meeting his mom than I was about introducing him to mine - or my dad, for that matter. I think this actually says more about me and my family than it does anything else, but I digress.

She's a lot like her son - funny, intelligent, generous, perceptive, slightly acerbic, kind - and just like he described her, which is not surprising. I think I passed muster, though once again I'm running into the interesting phenomenon of being measured against his ex, and finding it's a REALLY SHORT YARDSTICK. *sigh*

Anyhow, we gave her her christmas present (a really neat fur pillow I had threatened to keep if she didn't make it this time), and took her to the Three Weird Sisters concert Friday night, which she seemed to like a lot. She must have enjoyed it, since she took home both their CD and Gwen's solo CD!

We also talked a lot, went out to eat a lot, and had quite a good time over all. I hoped I would get more funny ACat-as-a-kid stories out of it, but he seems to have already told them all on himself already! >:)It was fun hearing them from another perspective and a different story teller.

She took herself off to the mall Saturday morning, just before we found out about the Columbia disaster, and since I was finding singing to be some solace we kind took it back up and gave her a microconcert of a good variety of filk that afternoon. I never did get to feed her - she wasn't hungry when she got in Friday, and took us out to ever single meal thereafter before leaving after breakfast Sunday morning. Just as well that we'd already decided to relax the diet in anticipation of our trip to England.

So, I've done the ritual Meeting of the SO's Parents, and it went pretty well. I'm really glad - I like her! Next adventure - England the day after tomorrow?!?
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Christmas was a quiet holiday this year, but all the better for it. On Christmas eve, ACat and I watched our DVD copy of The Fellowship of the Ring since we planned to go see The Two Towers on Christmas day. We showed up for the noon showing of TTT, the first of the day - and it was even, sort of, snowing while we waited for them to open. I don't quite count it as a white Christmas but it was still amusing and neat. Anyhow, the theatre was only half full and we got the best seats in the place which was wonderful. The movie itself was, well... something of a disappointment. What they did well, they did wonderfully well. They made a lot of changes and only some of them seemed to actually enhance the movie as a movie or as a story. They also made one enormous botch of a character that was completely unneeded and completely threw me out of any sense of charity with the rest of it. Fortunately, that was fairly near the end of it, but dammit! Oh well, I'll still go see the third as soon as it's around, since I have to see how they finish this off.
Afterwards we swung by to give greetings and gifts to Telynor and her household, then came home and watched Big (big couple days for movies!) and I made the last of my obligatory family phone calls, all three of which were short and sweet and happy. This was greatly helped by the fact that my brother and his wife opened their biggest gift just a couple days early, and I am once again an aunt! *G* My mother seemed especially happy, since she loves spoiling babies, so I suppose this scrap of a girl is a gift all around


Dec. 2nd, 2002 08:44 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving Day, Turkey Day, or simply Thursday as appropriate to everyone. Mine was delicious and delightful, since [ profile] autographedcat and I went around noon to celebrate with [ profile] telynor and household, plus friends I hadn't seen in far too long. There was much food shopping, much cooking, much eating, much playing with small children, and much of what I LIKE about holidays as opposed to stress and irritation and a feeling of a wasted day. I really enjoyed it, though we left earlyish because we were both tired, especially the driver. It was a wonderful thing to be able to spend that holiday with people who are family, and it's an even more wonderful thing to be able to say that!

How was the rest of the weekend? )

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