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I don't know what you'd call them, but a random conversation with a friend now has me sparking ideas on how to make faux-sushi with rice krispie treats as the base. I'm thinking press it down in a sheet over wax paper, lay out dried fruit or fruit rollups or even licorice1 on the edge, and then roll it up, like a sushi roll, chill it and slice it into rounds. Surely someone somewhere has already thought of this?

1.... or frosting, or taffy, or caramel, or chocolate shavings, or the chocolate-and-liquer flavored cream cheese I use for truffles, or...2

2.... or chopped nuts, or more rice krispy base with other flavors added and molded into sticks, or jellybeans carefully placed so you cut through their middles for a stained glass sort of effect.... um, right. Stopping now.3

3 I lied. You could roll the outsides in cinnamon sugar, or pumpkin pie sugar (just mix pumpkin pie spice into sugar), or vanilla sugar, or cocoa powder, or coconut or crushed nuts, or .... ack.

Edit: yes, yes it has been done, thoroughly. I love the adorable nigiri done with Swedish Fish candies!
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No matter how much I want to.

A couple weeks ago I baked a cake, as a practice run for the birthday cake I planned to make for ACat's birthday this weekend. It baked fine, but came out of the pans VERY badly, which I figured was because I didn't flour the pans enough. Ok, stupid mistake but easy to fix - I never tried baking a cake before.

Today, I decided to bake a cake for his birthday to take along to dinner with friends tonight. If it turned out well, I'd make another tomorrow for just us. Well, I greased the pans and floured the pans until they were nice and floury white on the insides. I baked two layers in them, and they smelled and looked lovely. I took them out and let them cool while we went out shopping, came home and took a short nap, work up cranky with a headache, and went to take them out of the pans, perfectly cool.

It was a fucking disaster. It wouldn't come out and it wouldn't come out. I whacked the pan, I beat on the pan, I tried to gently cut it loose with a knife, ACat tried whacking the pan, and finally tried to pry it out with a fork while I fumed and tried VERY hard not to act any more like a frustrated five year old than I already was. It ripped into several messy pieces, and came out in handfuls, with much of it visibly coated with flour on the bottom!

I haven't even tried to get the other one out - we're eating the ruined one with icecream and chocolate syrup to make lemonade out of my lemons, but can anyone tell me what the hell I did wrong? I was so sure I'd figured it out and fixed it, and I would REALLY like to try again and make him a proper birthday cake. The box does say to let them cool in the pans - is that wrong? I've even contemplated trying next time in the springform pans I have for cheesecake, but I don't think I have two the same size.
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Ok, I actually want to know. I do know that a great many people are fussy and particular and knowledgeable about wines. Me, I know what I like - much like art. Can you tell me WHAT you like in wines, and what wines you like, and why? I'm actually curious, and interested in learing more about it. Most of my exposure to "Wine tasting" has been through someone who I have trouble communicating with in the best of circumstances, and this all seems so nebulous and (forgive me) often pretentious that I just don't seem to get it. There are a couple wines I get fairly often, at least when I get wine, but I'm interested in trying something new and a lot of this seems absurdly expensive to me for taking a blind leap of faith on. (I was tempted to buy the Our Daily Red just for the name and label - I'm such a sad sucker for puns!) Are any of you wine drinkers? Feel free to pontificate, even lecture - how ever you can, give me information! Thanks!

EDIT: Cooking wines too, for that matter. I know several of you are accomplished cooks!
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but in a strangely intriguing fashion.

Um, you may not want to look at this while eating. Or maybe you will - that's sort of kind of the point, after all. In a manner of speaking.

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