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And who says it can't incorporate?

Just a quick pointer at a very funny comic, especially for those who're hooked on City of Heroes and City of Villains (you know who you are!)
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Queen of Wands is a wonderful comic strip which ended today. The archives cover some of my favorite moments of any online comic, all the way back to July of 2002. I know a lot of people hate reading through archives, and don't like coming in on the middle of a story, so they don't tend to pick up ongoing comics. If that's the case, this is a golden opportunity for you.

Starting tomorrow, Aeire will be rerunning the entire archive. She'll rerun ALL the strips, one at a time, Monday through Friday. Even better, she'll include commentary this time around so even if you HAVE been reading them, there will be something new and interesting to go along. Aeire will eventually do other projects, but Queen of Wands was one of a kind. If you like smart, funny, well written comics with engaging characters who you will really start to care about then I can't recommend this strongly enough to you.

Queen of Wands

edit: Sorry, starting Monday. My mistake.
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This week I've been more eager than usual to identify myself as a Damn Yankee from Massachusetts, even if I do live in Georgia. There's the presidential election... well, enough and more than enough's been said on that. I voted, I got outvoted. People presumably voted how they thought best, and there's the end to that, at least for the time being. This is a story that never does end.

I'm actually more ashamed of the passing of the Marriage Protection bill, however it was named - Question One. It wasn't asking anyone to give any extra rights to anybody, it was merely asking whether people chose to leave things as they were or if people would choose to gratutiously slap people in the face to say no to a question that had not even been asked yet. ACat points out, quite correctly, that as much as anything it's to allow GA to explicitly deny the customary "full faith and credit" constitutional clause as far as it applies to other states who have legalized same sex marriage. Fulton county, where we cast our votes, is apparently flamingly liberal by GA standards. We were only sixty something percent in favor, as opposed to the eighty to ninety something percent most GA counties voted in favor of it by. Gee.

Anyhow, I happened to be looking through bookmarks tonight, and bumped into this, just thought I'd like to put it up - somehow it's accreted a chunk of what I was thinking about on the way home from work around it.

Five cents worth of rambling rant.... we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.
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I just wanted to show off this great icon, courtesy of [ profile] lizbeth who has started making scads of great icons from Queen of Wands cartoons - see many of them here!
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I've highly recommended Queen of Wands before, and I will again. Given my jobs (past and present, customer service and product support) I've been howling at the last two strips.

March 22:
March 24: as of tomorrow, today.

I have never had anyone be quite so bad as either of those, but I did have a man accuse me of making his kids go to bed hungry once because his credit was too bad to get a credit card. I've also had people say they wanted to go directly to the "real" tech department, though I was new enough at the time that it wasnt entirely unreasonable for them to expect they'd wind up there anyhow. Anyhow, VERY funny!
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Just because I'm tired of posting about work, here are (quite) a few of my favorite comics, in no particular order. I read a lot more than these regularly, but the list was getting absurdly long.

On the other hand, if you know some you especially like that aren't here, I'd like to hear about them!

Read more... )
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Leah Rosenthal is incredibly talented and wickedly funny. Check out the whole website, really - but first, can you consider a cartoon that's a crossover of, of all things, Buffy and Ground Force? *evil grin*
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This was too damn funny not to share. The moral of this story is... well, draw your own moral. Me, I aim not to piss off the redheads!

(To keep it available I copied it to my hard drive)

(But the website, and archives for the Queen of Wands comic are online)

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