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I guess it's a tradition now - it's been twice! Last year I was kidnapped off to the GA Renfaire for my birthday by the conspiracy of [ profile] autographedcat, [ profile] joyeuse13 and [ profile] abovenyquist for one of the best birthdays I've ever had. This year I instigated it, but dragged the same folks along plus [ profile] thatcrazycajun, [ profile] hilfy, [ profile] wheezingirl and her husband Matt (who I don't think has an LJ - correct me if I'm wrong!) Hilfy, ACat and I got there about ten, and others showed up at somewhat staggered times in a typical herding cats fashion, but cellphones turned out to be a (somewhat mixed) blessing and we all had a great time with lots of fun, a bit too much sun, a Lost Boys concert, a couple of visits to see the Parrots of the Carribean, more street performer interaction than usual (maybe because we got there so early), and lots of browsing/shopping. This year I did get the gorgeous silk harem pants I'd drooled over last year - yay for having money! On the whole, however, I think we got off relatively cheaply, and I had a lovely time. ACat, Hilfy and I left after about four and a half hours due to heat, tiredness, and general soreness, and left the others still hopefully having just as much fun. (Yes, ACat will of course have photos up soon. I'm disappointed that the belly dancers weren't there this weekend, however.)

We dropped Hilfy off, came home, vegged out in the airconditioning with some amaaaaazing Ben and Jerry's ice cream - Willy Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler. Seriously, brand new favorite flavor, sooooo good. Anyhow, we had a quiet afternoon and evening, and finally finally finally watched the premiere of Blood Ties from where it was lurking on the tivo - I recommend that, too. And now, I think, to bed. I hope everyone had just as good a day, whatever made that for them.
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So this marks another year off, and there are things I'm glad for in the old one, and things I hope will be different in the new one.

I am glad I'm alive, that I'm fundamentally healthy, that I have people to care about who care about me. I'm glad that each year I learn and grow a little bit more. I am glad that I'm not the same person at 37 that I was at 17, and I'm looking forward to finding out who I am when I'm 57.

I want to learn to do more and think less, to recognize when I'm overanalyzing things and distancing myself from people, and to remember why that's a bad thing. At the same time, I want to recognize my own buttons and issues better, and manage them better myself, rather than apologizing for them after the fact. I want to do five things I've never done before - no, I don't know what yet - even if I don't think I'll like them. I want to do the least harm and the most good that I can - but I want to stop fretting over the doing harm, and take more joy in the doing good.

I want to look at 2007 a year from now, and say it was a year I did not waste, a year I'm glad I lived.

And I want all of you to be able to say the same thing, whatever that takes for you. Happy New Year.
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Work continues to be insane, and likely will for a couple more weeks, but I did manage to NOT work yesterday which was perfectly wonderful since it meant I got to go with [ profile] autographedcat to Aphelicon 2, the official microcon of Aphelion. Among other things, this was a celebration for the newly minted marriage of [ profile] vila_resthal and his charming wife Lyn, which was the easier for being held at their home. We had a great time, and I'm sure there will eventually be photos even though ACat forgot our camera. We saw old friends from last year, and met new ones we'd never known before. There was good food, good drink, good music and great company, and even though Life happened later, the con itself was an unqualified success.

Today is the second anniversary for ACat and me. (I just asked if this was the second or third, since I couldn't quite be sure - he said "The second. It just seems longer." He quickly added that he meant that in a good way when I dissolved into laugher.) I wish Vila and Lyn a marriage as happy and strong as the one we're celebrating today!
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[ profile] autographedcat, I love you - no more today than any other day of the year, but today I'm gonna shout it from the rooftops. You're my anchor in the storm, my warm blanket in the cold, my best hug when I'm feeling down. I want to celebrate you every day of the year, but today especially.

Happy Birthday, sweetie. I love you.
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37 seems pretty damned good right about now, and in fact I'd have to say that overall life keeps getting better every year, in spite of life being full of Goddamn Learning Experiences. I guess that's how I get to keep having birthdays, right?

Why, did you say? )
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Happy first (legal!) anniversary for ACat and me, and I'm looking forward to many, many more. He's one of the sweetest, smartest, most loving guys I know, and I don' know if I'll ever quite get over waking up in the morning, looking over at him sleeping, and thinking "My husband? Wow!" Love you hon!

I'll think I'll keep him! *g*
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Please join me in wishing a happy 35th to my husband, [ profile] autographedcat - who has no respect for his elders! *G*

Love you, hon!
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About time I updated, don't you think?

[ profile] autographedcat actually logged most of what's been happening lately, including piles of photos, but here's the short(ish) version.

My not so exciting life - family, birthday, City of Heroes, Pride, work, family reunion, and photos photos photos! )
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First, thanks you to the manymany people on (and off) LJ who really made my day yesterday by saying Happy Birthday to me. (And the ones who did it today, too!) I don't usually do it, because I just KNOW I'll forget someone and hurt their feelings, so I leave it out for everyone. But I really liked it.

I've been thinking about ups and downs of being 35, and it occurs to me that, compared to ten years ago, I am healthier, saner, happier, more stable on EVERY level, and all around much improved in my life. I like this. Here's to being able to say the same thing again in ten more!


Feb. 23rd, 2004 12:26 pm
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Welcome and happy birthday to Grace Batya Rivkis - may she be as happy as she is loved and wanted! Congratulations to [ profile] nrivkis and [ profile] acrobatty - may you remember this joy in the middle of changing diapers and wiping up all the liquids an infant can generate! *hugs!*
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I don't usually do birthdays here, because I just KNOW I'll miss someone and screw it up. However - I just couldn't miss this one. *G*

Happy BDay, [ profile] telynor! I've only known you a few years, but I hope I'll be able to wish you the same for many more!
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This is a happy, stuffed, tired, spoiled Kit. I got home from work and was whisked off to a delicious dinner out at an extravagant local resturaunt, then treated to an ice cream sunday at a very good creamery. After thoroughly spoiling me, ACat demanded to know what I wanted for my birthday (what, MORE?) and I hemmed and hawed and finally took him up on it. We've wanted a Tivo for a while, and now we have one - a bit extravagant, but hell, gadgets are fun! (And we keep forgetting the shows we actually want to watch when it's the right time for them!)

We got home and he started fiddling with that, while I took care of email and talked to my father, who wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday. (My mom actually visited this last Saturday night, on her way home to Arkansas, so she did her wishes and gifting then. Mom does neat gifts - I got a gorgeous, handpainted box with a leopard kitten on it, and it was filled with about six feet of a bean-stuffed boa constrictor!) Just after I hung up with dad, [ profile] quadrivium called to wish me a happy birthday and talk a little, which got big smiles as well.

So, now I'm catching up on LJ, listening to ACat be frustrated with Tivo's phone menus, and plotting to pounce him just as soon as he gets to a good stopping point.

Don't tell him. >:)

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