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I just realized how long it's been since I posted, but I really am still alive.

Packing proceeds. I'm not sure where we stand as a fraction of the total, but I think we're doing pretty well, since we are moving 3 weekends from now. There are stacks of filled boxes, mostly in the bedroom. The main thing is not packing things we'll need still.

In fact, I planned to pack a whole lot more this weekend, but our airconditioning has been out. Maintenance keeps coming and fiddling with it, and it will be better for a while, but... he says we have a leak. I don't like the sound of that. No airconditioning in summer in Georgia is somewhat less than a joke - last I checked it was 95 degrees outside. Dunno what it is inside. We keep resolving to just open the windows and at least get some breeze, and then he comes and fiddles and it gets a little bit better for a little while. ACat's playing WoW, and I understand the game's addictive but the computer room's the hottest spot in the house. *shrug*

Against all sense, I am baking the birthday cake for ACat anyhow. Tomorrow, he catches up to me again, at least until next April. Sadly, tomorrow I have an 11 hour workday, so today I bake.

Work continues to be most aggravating, but the worst should be over after this week. I am splitting my time between two high profile, high priority projects for two mangers. They are not playing nicely together. I am not happy with what that means to me. Eh.... still beats the hell out of ADP, *and* it pays better! (Yes, that DOES help my mood! Hell, that fact's what's letting us move in the first place.)

Aphelion is having another flash fic contest - 9 good stories under 1000 words, read them and vote. You don't even have to register, though if you do you can get in on the fun with the next one! (One is mine. Won't tell you which one. It's not the best one.)

Now I go away again to melt quietly by a fan with a book. Come and visit, and we'll share the cake and ice cream.


Jun. 2nd, 2007 08:38 am
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Anyone who reads [ profile] autographedcat's journal knows about Aphelion, a monthly webzine which is the work of love of many people, including ACat and [ profile] hejira2006. It's not a paying market, but it IS an excellent place to share your writing and find good stuff to read, with lots of feedback and generally useful commentary. Not incidentally, the new issue just went up for this month!

It also, as of last month, has an occasional Flash Fiction challenge - 1000 words or less, with key items to work in. This is the very definition of a little pond at the moment (the first one had 5 entries and 9 votes!) but this month's issue announces that the first one went to - me! It's a small thing, but small things make me happy! Come check it out, and join in the fun!

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