Dec. 25th, 2007 08:29 am
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Merry Christmas to those as celebrate, and a happy Tuesday to those as don't. (Hey, Tuesdays can be a bitch. Mondays you at least have memories from the weekend to distract you, Wednesday you can figure is hump day and halfway done, Thursdays are almost there, and Fridays are... Fridays. Tuedays can be tough. They need all the help they can get.)

ACat is still asleep, so he doesn't know yet that there's a stuffed stocking on his computer chair. :) Little stuff, but he's not expecting it so I'm looking forward to that reaction. He certainly surprised me! A few days ago a package came from Amazon which he told me I could open. Keep in mind I am a good contender for Most Easily Lost Person Ever, to the point where I arguably have a phobia about it in some circumstances. He got me a prosthetic sense of direction/navigator, a very spiffy GPS unit. I've been squeeing about it ever since and playing around with it. This utterly, utterly wins as a Christmas present for me!

His Christmas gift is a little less immediate or tactile, but I think a good one. There are quite a few people he would like to be able to see this year, sweeties and friends, so his "official" gift is a plane ticket, date and destination to be determined as he chooses. (I feel like this is cheating since I'd have suggested that in general if we had the money anyhow, gift or no gift.)

Today will likely be quiet. We have no family visits to make and little in the way of traditions we follow. We may go out to a movie, and I've got us a nice dinner, but chances are most of it will be doing the same things we usually do on weekends. You know what? That's no bad thing. I hope everyone else enjoys their day too, however it's spent.
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Well, the call from the doctor's office said all the lab tests came back normal, so my thyroid is fine, and presumably my insulin is also - they didn't specify which tests but I know the doctor mentioned both. I clearly fixated on this solution more than I thought I had, becuase my first reaction was disappointment - not a really good reaction to someone telling you you're healthy. Oddly enough, I *am* actually feeling much more alert this morning, and I think I have been incrementally for a bit. I think ACat's cpap is making more difference to me than I first thought (I know it's making an enormous difference to him!) I know last Sunday night, the first night that he slept next to me with it on, I slept horribly, and it seemed to me that I was waking up and thinking he wasn't breathing, simply because I couldn't hear it. Then the next few days and nights I was frickin exhausted, but frankly that often happens to me around that time of month. Last night, though.... well, I slept well, and I woke up rested. We're just going to have to see if this actually lasts through the day or if I'm falling asleep at my desk this afternoon (which, frankly, the hurry-up-and-wait doesn't help with either). ACat suggested I might ask for a referral for a sleep study if the blood work showed nothing, and I think I will, but I may wait a bit and see before I schedule an actual study, because if this lasts... well, if this lasts, I may finally feel like I'm actually caught up on my sleep. I'm not sure I remember quite what that feels like.

Also, relevant to nothing at all, I'm driving east for most of my morning drive straight into the sunrise, and at such a time that I was driving in the dark but now it's coming out while I drive, and it's just a little higher and brighter every day. It makes my morning commute almost surreally gorgeous, with silhouettes of trees, buildings and hills against what seems an endlessly varied backdrop of blues, yellows and pale oranges streaked with clouds. It's a really great way to start a morning, and I'll miss it once daylight savings kicks in.
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ACat picked up his CPAP today, and a sleek bit of technology it is. A filking friend came up with an appropriate off the cuff response that I just had to share - set to the (I hope) obvious tune:

Leah Leah, give him your answer, do. He stops breathing, and the doctor says so do you . . . It's not silk sheets or satin, or something long and latin, But you'll breathe free, as much as he, with a CPAP that's built for two!

I sure hope this helps him as much as it sounds like it will.
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[livejournal.com profile] autographedcat is headed out to the UK this afternoon while I stay home and hold the fort. He has promised faithfully to distribute many hugs for me, and collect them in return from anyone who wants to pass one along. Take good care of him for me, folks, and I'm sorry I'm going to miss you all!
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For my birthday last year I asked for and got a 3" 3lb density queen sized memory foam mattress topper. I like it and sleep well on it, but very strong circumstancial evidence suggests that it makes ACat's back problems worse. If no one speaks for it I'll put it up on Freecycle but I thought I'd offer it to friends first. I can't very well ship it - it's quite bulky and I have no way to compress it to the level the factory did - but any one who can pick it up in Alpharetta is welcome to it.
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Work continues to be insane, and likely will for a couple more weeks, but I did manage to NOT work yesterday which was perfectly wonderful since it meant I got to go with [livejournal.com profile] autographedcat to Aphelicon 2, the official microcon of Aphelion. Among other things, this was a celebration for the newly minted marriage of [livejournal.com profile] vila_resthal and his charming wife Lyn, which was the easier for being held at their home. We had a great time, and I'm sure there will eventually be photos even though ACat forgot our camera. We saw old friends from last year, and met new ones we'd never known before. There was good food, good drink, good music and great company, and even though Life happened later, the con itself was an unqualified success.

Today is the second anniversary for ACat and me. (I just asked if this was the second or third, since I couldn't quite be sure - he said "The second. It just seems longer." He quickly added that he meant that in a good way when I dissolved into laugher.) I wish Vila and Lyn a marriage as happy and strong as the one we're celebrating today!
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[livejournal.com profile] autographedcat, I love you - no more today than any other day of the year, but today I'm gonna shout it from the rooftops. You're my anchor in the storm, my warm blanket in the cold, my best hug when I'm feeling down. I want to celebrate you every day of the year, but today especially.

Happy Birthday, sweetie. I love you.
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We've been pulling out of a financial hole slowly and steadily over the last six or so months. We actually have been batting around the idea of stretching ourselves enough to achieve any ONE of several possible fun things, possiblities which included Concertino, or travel, or one of several possible spiffy things for ACat's Bday.

Unfortunately, shit happens, and it's really not anything to blame anyone for.

$500 in unexpected emergency expenses this weekend make all of that reeeeally unlikely, short of winning lotteries that we don't actually enter. *sigh* This is all just a really good reminder that we need to get OUT of debt, and establish a cash reserve for crap exactly like this. Part of it was a very simple, unexpected accident which ACat is still castigating himself for, most of it is just computers crap the bed every so often.

Still... lots of little things are likely to be cut back for a bit, and Concertino is no longer a hope. Sorry to all who we talked to about it being maaaaaybe possible. :(

EDIT: Sorry for alarming people - not an auto accident at all, but ACat's very necessary cellphone getting crunched, and then his video card dying spectacularly. Not even remotely dangerous, just frickin expensive. Please, please don't jinx us. *G*

Vday, late

Feb. 15th, 2006 11:06 am
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I had a really very good Valentine's Day. ACat and I have had issues and problems over the past few months, and it felt good to have a day to celebrate that we're still fundamentally solid.

We're both huge fans of the tv show House, and a recent episode had a sorely misguided little girl saying, with great confidence, that grownups who loved each other never, ever fought. My immediate comment to ACat was "She's gonna go through a string of divorces when she gets older, and have no clue why." I'm endlessly glad we can have our problems and come out the other side stronger and more in love than we started. This is what I celebrate this Valentine's Day - love and trust and the ability to fight and yell like idiots while still keeping those things.

Of course, celebrating all this with an evening in (and on and around and near) bed is lots of fun too!

Love you all my life, sweetheart - let's keep this working for the next fifty years, at least.


Nov. 24th, 2005 06:04 am
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It's that time of year, and I do have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes I feel like I do nothing but whine and complain about my health, my finances, my personal issues, but the truth is I have a job that isn't driving me to a breakdown, I have a home I can walk into at night and feel is a place of safety and relaxation, I have (more than) enough good food to eat, I have people that I love dearly who love me back, even if some of them live toooo far away and are having life-eating issues of their own. (Big Bearhugs to all of you, especially Maedbh7!)

I think, though, that I should especially give thanks to and for my husband. He gives what I need and needs what I can give, and is the truest partner I've ever had. I never, ever planned to get married - I had no faith in the institution, having seen what seemed to be the vast majority of those I observed crumble insidiously around the heads of those who took that plunge. Still... It's been just a few months over a year, and maybe I'm jinxing us here, but I think I've found a person I can actually see living together, growing old together and finally breaking that March marriage curse with. I am, in fact, truly thankful.
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Happy first (legal!) anniversary for ACat and me, and I'm looking forward to many, many more. He's one of the sweetest, smartest, most loving guys I know, and I don' know if I'll ever quite get over waking up in the morning, looking over at him sleeping, and thinking "My husband? Wow!" Love you hon!

I'll think I'll keep him! *g*
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Please join me in wishing a happy 35th to my husband, [livejournal.com profile] autographedcat - who has no respect for his elders! *G*

Love you, hon!
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ACat managed to find the words that a lot of people need right now, including me:

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I am trying to be more consistent in posting. I am also trying to do better about everything from catching up on email to cleaning the house. Ha. Toooo many distractions, however pleasant they are!

And so on, and so on... )
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About time I updated, don't you think?

[livejournal.com profile] autographedcat actually logged most of what's been happening lately, including piles of photos, but here's the short(ish) version.

My not so exciting life - family, birthday, City of Heroes, Pride, work, family reunion, and photos photos photos! )
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Let's see.... I used that half hour certificate to get out of work early Friday and we went off to the belly dancing show at the Red Light Cafe. It didn't wind up starting until 9, so that made for an unexpected hour wait, but once it started it was GORGEOUS. I'm very glad we went, even if the chairs were torture devices. ACat had a great time putting his new camera (his birthday present) through its paces. The pictures came out pretty damn well overall, and he's proudly posted them. So, that ran a couple hours, we never did get more than chips and salsa and pita bread pizza for dinner, then we came home and fell over sideways on the bed to go unconscious.

Apparently I didn't sleep too well, made a few mistakes. I woke up about 6 or so with a rather nasty nightmare, got up for a half hour to putter and wipe my mental screens clean, then went back to bed for a couple hours more napping on and off. ACat says I apparently also woke him up at some point by thrashing around, but I don't even remember that. Well, it's a weekend - a little mental fuzziness is no real problem.

Anyhow, we eventualy woke up, got up, and puttered a bit. After the usual morning routine of showers and computers and such, we decided to go see Shrek 2. Excellent, excellent movie! It's at least as good as the first, and that's saying a lot in my opinion. (If you do see it, make sure to stay through the credits. There's a great extra bit shoehorned into the middle of them!) Stuffed on popcorn, we weren't really hungry for lunch so we came home and went swimming long enough to pick up a fair bit of sunburn. ACat had swiped at his shoulders with a sunscreen stick, and the result looks an awful lot like a cross between a stencil and a kid's fingerpaints. :) We worked up a good appetite with that and went off to Cheeburger Cheeburger for a very late lunch/slightly early dinner and stuffed ourselves. Overstuffed ourselves, in fact - by the time we got home, between the sun and the food we needed naps. I snoozed about an hour and got up to chat a bit with [livejournal.com profile] maedbh7 online, watch tv, replenish liquids and finish reading The Forgotten Beasts of Eld. (Excellent fantasy book by Patricia A McKillip, I strongly recommend it!) By the time ACat had slept for three hours, I figured I'd better haul him up and out of bed or he'd be finished with his night's sleep about one am, and completely screwed up! Now we're lazing around. He's reading some sharply funny and acute movie reviews from Salon to me, I'm catching up on LJ, we're indulging in some very good chocolate brownie ice cream.

Tomorrow, some minimal grocery shopping and household chores, the Harry Potter movie and more swimming, and ACat's wonderful fried catfish for dinner. A lovely, lazy weekend - I've solved the nagging, escalating headaches that have plagued me for the past couple months (Aspertame, apparently. I cut out all the diet soft drinks that had it, within 3 days all gone!), I'm pleasantly tired and well fed and generally feeling indulged and happy.

All is good.

(Not perfect, mind you - that would still require a teleporter! *sigh and hugs as appropriate*)
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So, I just won a certificate at work good for a paid half hour of time, usable either for going home early or coming in late, requiring a week's advance notice to my supervisor - very nice!

So, when we were at the Ren Faire, we happened to see an amazingly good belly dance troupe called the Awalim Dance Company. I picked up their flyer on the way out, and it listed some of their upcoming appearances, including the Red Light Cafe next Friday at eight.

Sooooo... I just informed my supervisor I want to use this to get out early next Friday, and I emailed ACat about this great idea, all excited.

His response?

>So, let me get this straight.
> My girlfriend wants to get off from work early, so she can take me to see
> belly dancers performing.
> Dear lord, I love this life. :)
> Yeah, sounds like fun! :)

Me, too! *G*
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The very first thing anyone would think of for a team building activity for a payroll company would be buying tickets to the local Ren Faire for all employees and a spouse/child/guest apiece. Right?

Sure thing! )
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Well, ACat and I have both been a little grumpy for the last day or so, and we aren't sure why. We were both short on sleep, but we've caught up on that as of last night at least. (His sleep schedule got fractured by having to go into work at 1 am Thursday night to do maintenance.) I got a nice long talk with [livejournal.com profile] maedbh7 last night which cheered me considerably, but ACat was tired and unsocial, so that was less help to him. We did have fun making plans for her planned visit here in April, though - we're all psyched about going to the Georgia Renfest, which we've never been to before. It sounds like quite a lot of fun, and we'd meant to go last year. The cats, on the other hand, are being more social and Jenna's taken to sleeping on the bed with us. Well, hanging out on the bed while we're trying to sleep, at least - she's a bit too active about it, wiggling and writhing and wanting to be petted, but she settles down and she's a very sweet kitty. Dayna's still hissing at her, but they're both out and about the apartment now during the day and Jenna seems to mostly ignore the hissing, so I suppose it's no matter. :)

Anyhow, this morning I managed to make ACat laugh a few times, called it an accomplishment, and actually hauled my ass out of the house and over to the exercise room and did about 25 minutes on an exercise bike, which is good - I was a little intimidated by the seriously exercising guys who were down there, but I did my time anyhow. I had planned on dragging him out of the house for a nice rambly walk, but it was raining last night and again this morning. I think that might have been part of the joint melancholy mood, but who knows. Anyhow, we're gradually perking up as the weather improves, and if we don't go walking today maybe we will tomorrow. In the meantime I'm having an old fashioned "cooking as mood therapy" weekend, and I have a spinach and cottage cheese pie in the oven now. It smells pretty good, and will make a tasty lunch. After, I'm virtuously getting the shopping out of the way and trying to keep it light since we're slightly tight on cash until pay day, but I am getting things to make a cheesecake and trying out a Chicken Parmesean recipe that ACat got from his sister. I like cooking, when I'm not doing it to scramble together dinner after work. Even then it can be enjoyable, but weekends are when I can consider what do I feel like doing rather than what can I throw together when I get home at quarter past eight so we can eat before nine.

See what marvelously exciting weekends we have? Next, taking out the trash....

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