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I don't know what you'd call them, but a random conversation with a friend now has me sparking ideas on how to make faux-sushi with rice krispie treats as the base. I'm thinking press it down in a sheet over wax paper, lay out dried fruit or fruit rollups or even licorice1 on the edge, and then roll it up, like a sushi roll, chill it and slice it into rounds. Surely someone somewhere has already thought of this?

1.... or frosting, or taffy, or caramel, or chocolate shavings, or the chocolate-and-liquer flavored cream cheese I use for truffles, or...2

2.... or chopped nuts, or more rice krispy base with other flavors added and molded into sticks, or jellybeans carefully placed so you cut through their middles for a stained glass sort of effect.... um, right. Stopping now.3

3 I lied. You could roll the outsides in cinnamon sugar, or pumpkin pie sugar (just mix pumpkin pie spice into sugar), or vanilla sugar, or cocoa powder, or coconut or crushed nuts, or .... ack.

Edit: yes, yes it has been done, thoroughly. I love the adorable nigiri done with Swedish Fish candies!
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